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Welcome to Northeastern University’s College of Engineering talent portal featuring PhD candidates and postdocs seeking career opportunities in industry and academia. As a leading engineering school and an R1 research institution we are excited to help our industry and academic partners identify skilled talent.


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Ronak Ansaripour

Micro-physiological Systems, Organoid biology, Droplet-based Microfluidics, Comparative Genomics, Neuro-Ophthalmology

Xiangyu Bai

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Autonomy Navigation, Autonomy Simulation, Learning with Small Data

Eeshan Basu

Air Quality, Air Quality Modelling, Statistics, Data Science, Sustainability, Greenhouse Gases, High-Performance Computing, Remote Sensing

Andrew Caratenuto

Solar-driven water purification, desalination, passive radiative cooling, naturally-derived functional materials, renewable energy systems

Lauren Cole-Osborn

Genetic engineering, synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, plant biology

Justin Crabb

Numerical Modeling, Multiphysics Simulations, Computational Physics, Electromagnetics, Graphene, FETs, FDTD, MATLAB, COMSOL, Semiconductors, THz

Razieh Faghihpirayesh

Data Science, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Medical Imaging, AI in Healthcare

Yunfan Gao

High-speed circuit design;
AD/DA converter

Elaheh Hatamimajoumerd

Computer vision, deep learning, Machine learning
Generative AI, Action recognition
video processing

Xiaofei Huang

computer vision, machine learning, segmentation, pose estimation, action recognition, data synthesis, augmented/virtual reality

Swapna Joshi

Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, AI for Good, AI for Public Spaces, Autonomous Vehicle – Pedestrian Interaction, Social Robots.

Vineel Kondiboyina

biomechanics, drug delivery, osteoarthritis, oncology, therapeutics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, implants, cardiovascular, regeneration

Nader Lobandi

Machine Learning
Data Science and Analytics

Ying Mu

Polymer-nanomaterials composites, polymer-carbon nanotubes/boron nitride nanotubes, fibers, thin films, aerogels, mechanical and thermal properties

Katelyn Neuman

Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Biomaterials, Bioengineering

Burcu Ozek

data science, machine learning, healthcare systems, uncertainty quantification, statistics

Vitaly Petrov

Wireless communication and networking, terahertz communications, THz, protocols design and analysis, IoT, satellite networks, information security.

Sepideh Tavakoli

RNA modification, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), RNA sequencing, mRNA-LNP

Raman Vaidya

Structural Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Origami Structures, Structural Design, Numerical Analysis, Material Science, Solid Mechanics

Kirankumar Venkatesan

Developing cathode materials for Li-S, Na/Li-O2/CO2 batteries, In Situ Raman and XPS studies, and Solid-state electrolytes

Duo Wang

System Control, Optimization, Multi-agent Systems, Robotics, Mahine Learning

Yueyang Wang

control theory, system identification, positive system, robotics, image processing, signal processing, probability, machine learning

Zifeng Wang

– Iterative Learning Control Methods
– Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Processes

Yanyue Xie

Efficient deep learning, Algorithm/hardware co-design, FPGAs, EDA

Ling Zhu

numerical modeling of coastal processes, using machine learning methods to predict waves and storm surges

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