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Welcome to Northeastern University’s College of Engineering talent portal featuring PhD candidates and postdocs seeking career opportunities in industry and academia. As a leading engineering school and an R1 research institution we are excited to help our industry and academic partners identify skilled talent.


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Thomas Barrett

Polymers, Carbon Nanotubes, Nano-composites, Molecular Dynamics, Finite Element Method

McKay Cavanaugh

Tissue engineering, Stem cells, Neural regeneration, bioengineering, peripheral nerve regeneration, citational justice, diversity in STEM

Fatemeh Farhangdoust

Next generation sequencing, Machine learning, Statistical analysis, R programming, Optics, Image analysis, Analytical chemistry

Yi Han

Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Engineering Design, Sentiment Analysis, Text Summarization, Information Retrieval

Nathaniel Hanson

Hyperspectral imaging, spectroscopy, material perception, machine learning, robotics, manipulation, path planning, grasping, systems engineering

Ryan Jamieson

– Tissue Engineering
– Mechanobiology
– Cancer
– Tissue Mechanics
– Disease Modeling

Miller Jared

Convex Optimization, Nonlinear Systems, Control, Machine Learning

SungKu Kang

Design automation via the integration of data-driven methods and domain knowledge through reinforcement learning inspired by gaming AI

Yaren Bilge Kaya

Large-scale optimization; stochastic optimization; queuing theory; machine learning; data mining; humanitarian logistics; healthcare engineering

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