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Welcome to Northeastern University’s College of Engineering talent portal featuring PhD candidates and postdocs seeking career opportunities in industry and academia. As a leading engineering school and an R1 research institution we are excited to help our industry and academic partners identify skilled talent.


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Raman Vaidya

Structural Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Origami Structures, Structural Design, Numerical Analysis, Material Science, Solid Mechanics

Kirankumar Venkatesan

Developing cathode materials for Li-S, Na/Li-O2/CO2 batteries, In Situ Raman and XPS studies, and Solid-state electrolytes

Duo Wang

System Control, Optimization, Multi-agent Systems, Robotics, Mahine Learning

Yueyang Wang

control theory, system identification, positive system, robotics, image processing, signal processing, probability, machine learning

Zifeng Wang

– Iterative Learning Control Methods
– Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Processes

Yanyue Xie

Efficient deep learning, Algorithm/hardware co-design, FPGAs, EDA

Ling Zhu

numerical modeling of coastal processes, using machine learning methods to predict waves and storm surges

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