A Double HuskyDouble Husky Logo Scholarship provides a 25% tuition waiver to alumni with a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University enrolled in a full-time or part-time master’s degree or graduate certificate program.

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Accelerated Application Process for College of Engineering Alumni

The College of Engineering alumni also benefit from a streamlined Double Husky application process.

The College of Engineering offers numerous Master of Science degrees and Graduate Certificates, all of which are eligible for the scholarship.  Students can enroll full time or part time. To further set you apart from your peers, all MS degrees can also be combined with a Gordon Engineering Leadership certificate.

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How to Apply

Follow the link below to complete and submit your Double Husky Alumni Application

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  • Upon receipt of your form data, the appropriate faculty admissions committee will review your academic records.
  • After that, admissions staff will notify you of your status and/or will let you know if additional information or action is needed.

The process can take about a month from the time you submit your form data until you receive a response regarding your program of interest. You may submit more than one request if you have multiple programs of interest.

Students who are currently pursuing their BS degree should submit the form preferably at the beginning of their final term of undergraduate study for graduate admissions consideration beginning the following term (e.g. for current students graduating in May, submit the form in January for graduate admissions consideration for Fall term entry).

Note: Students selecting the PlusOne program are not eligible for the Double Husky Scholarship. Learn more about Accelerated Masters Programs.