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Mar 17, 2023

Enabling the Automation of 5G Network Workloads

Northeastern’s Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things has been working with OpenShift, an Enterprise-level Platform-as-a-Service from RedHat, to enable the automation of 5G network workloads for ease of deployment by Mobile Network Operators.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mar 07, 2023

Collaborative Research in THz Communication for 6G Mobile Networks

ECE Associate Professor Josep Jornet and Principal Research Scientist Michele Polese were awarded a $456K NSF grant for “Enabling Mobile Terahertz Communication for 6G Cellular Networks.”

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dec 13, 2022

WIoT team Wins First Prize at IEEE Advanced Air Mobility – Concepts Innovation Challenge

A team of researchers with the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things (WIoT) consisting of computer engineering students Matteo Bordin, PhD’26, and Pietro Brach Del Prever, PhD’27, and led by ECE Research Assistant Professor Salvatore D’Oro, won first prize at the IEEE Advanced Air Mobility – Concepts Innovation Challenge, a challenge to engage undergraduate and graduate students across the world in developing novel concepts in unmanned air transportation.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Sep 29, 2022

New Open6G DOD Research Center to Jumpstart Beyond 5G Systems Research

The Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things led by ECE faculty announces Open6G, a DOD-supported industry-university cooperative research center focused on future open, programmable, and disaggregated 6G systems. The technical effort will be housed at the Innovation Campus in Burlington, and its goal is to create a federal-industry-university cooperative research, development, testing, and commercialization hub to jumpstart beyond-5G systems research.

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Jun 08, 2022

Making 6G Possible: Time Sharing Demonstrated for the First Time in the Terahertz Band

The Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things has developed methods to move beyond the 5G frequencies into the higher terahertz bandwidths needed for 6G.

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May 26, 2022

Nature Communications Engineering Paper on Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Above 100 GHz

ECE researchers had their research on “Dynamic Spectrum Sharing between Active and Passive Users Above 100 GHz” published in the first issue of Nature Communications Engineering journal.

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May 10, 2022

Creating a Wireless Virtual Network Testbed for Adaptive Resource Management

ECE Assistant Professor Francesco Restuccia was awarded a $500K NSF grant for creating “A Software-Defined Edge Infrastructure Testbed for Full-stack Data-Driven Wireless Network Applications.” Researchers will build a wireless virtual network testbed at Saint Louis University, in collaboration with Northeastern University, to evaluate network management solutions that integrate the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence with programmable radios and programmable network switches. 

Electrical & Computer Engineering

May 04, 2022

WIoT Faculty Win INFOCOM Best Paper Award

ECE Assistant Professor Francesco Restuccia and William L. Smith Professor Tommaso Melodia received the best paper award at the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM), for their work “ChARM: NextG Spectrum Sharing Through Data-Driven Real-Time O-RAN Dynamic Control”.

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