Disk Quota

Faculty, staff, and students on the COE system have a quota of 5 Gigabytes of disk space. Guests have a quota of 500Mb. If your academic work requires more space, ask your professor to request an increase in your quota from the systems staff. If you have difficulty running certain applications and/or receive any of the following messages when using a COE Windows machine, you may have exceeded your disk quota:

Windows - Delayed Write Failed
There is not enough free disk space.

Ways to check your quota

On Windows:

  • On your COE Windows desktop, open File Explorer and select “This PC” from the navigation pane on the left.
  • Your network drive (cifs.homedir on \\shares.wincoe.coe.neu.edu mapped to Z:\) will show at the bottom of the main viewing pane.
  • Right-click and select Properties to show the amounts of storage used / available.

On Linux:

  • SSH into Gateway (click here to see how) and type “quota” at the command prompt

I went over my quota. Now what?

First, empty your Trash! Then you should be able to delete or move some of your files yourself. If you have exceeded your hard quota and/or the time has expired, you may need to have one of the COE System Administrators delete/move the files for you.

Things you can do to prevent quota issues

  • Remove old/unnecessary files from your “Z:\” (cifs.homedir) drive.
  • Move your larger files to removable media or use MyFiles
  • Empty your Recycle Bin
  • Use C:\temp as a temporary working directory

IMPORTANT: The C:\temp folder is NOT for permanent storage of your files. This is a temporary directory you can use while logged onto a COE Windows machine. Files placed in this location can be seen by other users and are purged regularly.