Student Resources

The Engineering Computer Center helps engineering students by providing COE accounts and assisting students in installing or remotely accessing engineering software.

The College of Engineering Virtual Lab (VLAB) supports academic computing for Engineering students.  The VLAB offers virtual Windows 10 and Linux desktops with a wide selection of specialized Engineering software.  These virtual desktops can be accessed either from large-screen thin-client terminals in our labs or from your laptop, on or off campus, via remote login protocols.

In addition to the VLAB and the College’s facilities in the Snell Engineering Building, the University’s InfoCommons has Windows and Macintosh computers for student use.

Each engineering department has its complement of specialized computers used for research. Faculty, students, and staff now have access to the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC), a data center dedicated to research computing.

Northeastern’s residence halls have reliable, high-speed ResNet connections in every room. Wireless network service is available everywhere on the main Boston campus, including classrooms, administrative areas, and common spaces. Current students and faculty may use the Northeastern University VPN to make a secure connection to the campus network from off-campus locations.


University ITS and ResNet have collaborated to create a new device registration page to allow your computers, smart TV’s and other ethernet-enabled devices to use campus wired networks. The following link will allow you to register a new device. You must complete this registration annually for each device.

Student Device Registration