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Beverly Kris Jaeger-Helton

Beverly Kris Jaeger-Helton

Teaching Professor and Director for Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Biomechanics and Mechanobiology, Motor Control, Healthcare Systems, Human Factors Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Logistics and Operations Research, Business, Data Management and Statistics, Engineering Training and Education, Safety Management, Information Processing, Cognition/Cognitive Psychology, Human Performance Engineering, Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Process Control

Bala Maheswaran

COE Distinguished Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering and First Year Engineering Program

Current Research: Experiential Engineering Education via Innovation and Invention. Focus on the Technical Design, Energy System, and Medical Engineering (MedEng) Design Innovations via Prototyping and Proof of Concept. Past Research: High-Temperature Superconductors, Two-Dimensional Electron Gas, and Engineering Physics Education.

Ibrahim Zeid

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Mechanics; personalized medicine; simulation techniques and complex networks analysis