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Northeastern University Launches the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things

ECE Professor Tommaso Melodia will be the new director of the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things which will drive advances in the ways that people stay connected worldwide.

Creating the World’s Most Powerful Emulator of Wireless Systems

ECE Professor Tommaso Melodia is working with NSF and DARPA to create the next generation of wireless technology by building a testbed named Colosseum, which will be the world’s most powerful emulator of wireless systems.

Northeastern Opens State-of-the-Art Radio-Silient Drone Facilty

Northeastern University is collaborating with Hanscom Air Force Base on a $2.8M grant on a first-of-its-kind radio-silent drone testing facilty at Innovation Campus in Burlington.

Luzzi to Lead Northeastern's Initiatives in Security and Innovation

David E. Luzzi has been appointed vice provost for research inno­va­tion and devel­op­ment and vice pres­i­dent for the North­eastern Uni­ver­sity Inno­va­tion Campus in Burlington, Mass­a­chu­setts.

How to develop cutting-​​edge technologies faster

When DuPont intro­duced Nylon in the 1940s, its cre­ators had no idea that the mate­rial would be a crit­ical com­po­nent in today’s auto­mo­bile engines. It took just as long for the world’s third-​​largest chem­ical com­pany to develop a new kind of Nylon specif­i­cally for the auto industry. This story isn’t unique. Many of today’s technologies—from […]

Northeastern’s David Luzzi awarded prestigious Ellis Island medal

David Luzzi’s maternal grand­fa­ther emi­grated with his wid­owed mother and five younger sis­ters from Ire­land to New York in 1914, and at age 14 he worked long days. He attended high school and col­lege classes in the evening. Even­tu­ally, he became the trea­surer of the American-​​Hawaiian Steamship Company. Luzzi’s paternal grand­fa­ther, the son of Italian […]