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COE Professors Selected in Stanford University List of Top 2% Scientists Worldwide

The following COE professors are among the top scientists worldwide selected by Stanford University representing the top 2 percent of the most-cited scientists with single-year impact in various disciplines. The selection is based on the top 100,000 by c-score (with and without self-citations) or a percentile rank of 2% or above. The list below includes […]

Automatically Detecting Computer Breaches in the Network

Khoury/ECE Professor Engin Kirda, in collaboration with Gianluca Stringhini from the Boston University, will be working on a $500K NSF grant for “Flanker: Automatically Detecting Lateral Movement in Organizations Using Heterogeneous Data and Graph Representation Learning.”

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Cybersecurity: Your Secrets Are Safe With Us

Northeastern researchers are at the forefront of cybersecurity research, protecting everything from the phone in your pocket to the city of the future.

Are Self-Driving Cars Hackable?

CCIS/ECE Professor Engin Kirda assessed the cyber-security risks associated with self-driving cars.

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Thwarting Cyber-espionage

ECE & Khoury College Associate Professor Engin Kirda is developing advanced malware detection software to analyze and protect against the growing number of targeted cyberattacks. When it comes to Internet attacks, hackers have tra­di­tion­ally taken a blanket approach, sending out mal­ware to large, random groups of people and hoping that some­thing would stick. But in […]

Detecting Vulnerabilities

ECE & CCIS Associate Professor Engin Kirda & Assistant Professor Wil Robertson won a $500K NSF grant to build an analysis tool which automates, engineers, & summarizes closed source binary software

Stopping Cyber Criminals

To stop cybercrime, you need to think like a criminal. That's what Northeastern is teaching information assurance students to do. – See more at:

Separating the Good & Bad

ECE & CCS Associate Professor Engin Kirda has developed a new software tool called PubCrawl to detect and contain malicious web crawlers without effecting normal browsing capacities. Source: News @ Northeastern

Fighting Cyber Threats

ECE & CCS Associate Professor Engin Kirda was selected as the inaugural Sy and Laurie Sternberg Interdisciplinary Associate Professor for Information Assurance for his work in cybersecurity. Source: News @ Northeastern Our rising depen­dence on net­worked sys­tems makes it increas­ingly ben­e­fi­cial for hackers to exploit it, Engin Kirda said on Monday after­noon in a lec­ture enti­tled “Taming […]

FY13 TIER 1 Award Recipients

27 COE faculty and affiliates were recipients of FY13 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 21 different research projects.