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Creating Robots for Safer Human Interactions

MIE Assistant Professor John Whitney and Khoury/MIE Affiliated Faculty Robert Platt were awarded $750K NSF grant for creating “A New Robotic Arm for Contact-Rich Manipulation”. Abstract Source: NSF People with disabilities, the infirm, and the elderly would benefit from capable service robots in the home that could assist with daily living tasks. Robots with arms […]

The Rise of Northeastern Robotics

MIE Assistant Professor Peter Whitney, ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh, and MIE Affiliated Faculty Robert Platt were hand-selected to attend Amazon’s MARS conference which brings together leaders in AI, automation, robotics, and space exploration.

Working Alongside Robots

MIE Assistant Professor Peter Whitney is developing a mechanical system for robots which combines precision with the gentleness needed to work with humans. Source: News @ Northeastern It’s the Holy Grail in robotics: an android that can perform complex tasks beside humans in a real-world environment. The problem is that when robots are asked to […]

Creating Robots with Lifelike Movements

MIE Assistant Professor John Whitney led the Disney Research team that created Jimmy, a robot that moves with lifelike speed and grace.

Designing Lifelike Robotic Movements

MIE Assistant Professor John Whitney worked with Disney Corporation to create a robot with lifelike movements that could perform such tasks as threading a needle or closely interact with humans.

New Faculty Spotlight: John "Peter" Whitney

John "Peter" Whitney joins the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering department in January 2016 as an Assistant Professor.