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Dahiya Publishes Book on Sensory Systems for Robotic Applications

ECE Professor Ravinder Dahiya has published a book on “Sensory Systems for Robotic Applications.”

Ravinder Dahiya

Advances in Multimaterial 3D Printers

ECE Professor Ravinder Dahiya’s research on creating multimaterial 3D printers was published in the Additive Manufacturing article “Closed-loop direct ink extruder system with multi-part materials mixing.”

Ravinder Dahiya

Innovations in Printed Electronics

ECE Professor Ravinder Dahiya, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Glasgow, published their research on advancing electronic printing in the ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces article “Printed n- and p-Channel Transistors using Silicon Nanoribbons Enduring Electrical, Thermal, and Mechanical Stress”.

Ravinder Dahiya

New Faculty Spotlight: Ravinder Dahiya

Ravinder Dahiya joins the Electrical and Computer Engineering department in January 2023 as a Professor.