Umit Coskun

Teaching Professor,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering



  • 350 SN
  • 617.373.5314

Bala Maheswaran Presenting at the ASEE conference.


Apr 27, 2022

ASEE-NE2022 Conference Awards

The ASEE-NE Chair and FYE/ECE Teaching Professor Bala Maheswaran led the ASEE Northeast 2022 Conference at Wentworth Institute of Technology from April 22 -23, 2022 which was resoundingly successful with extensive participation in the post-pandemic era. The Northeastern University students and faculty contributed their work at the conference (, and won the following awards: Best […]

May 28, 2013

Artery Imaging Patent

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Associate Research Engineer Ahmet Coskun was awarded a patent for his “Artery Imaging System” technique, which provides an image of the luminal boundary of the coronary artery. Ahmet Coskun's research interests include biomechanics and energy. 

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