Jeffrey W. Ruberti

Professor,  Bioengineering
Affiliated Faculty,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering



  • 617.373.3984

Research Focus

tissue engineering of load-bearing matrix (bone, cornea); bioreactor design; multi-scale mechanobiochemistry; statistical mechanics; energetics microscopy; high-resolution imaging; biopolymer self-assembly


  • PhD (1998), Biomedical Engineering, Tulane University

Honors & Awards

  • Constantinos Mavroidis Translational Research Award (2021). College of Engineering, Northeastern University
  • Soren Buus Outstanding Research Award (2008), College of Engineering, Northeastern University
  • Dean’s Service Award (2011), College of Engineering, Northeastern University

Teaching Interests

  • Capstone Design
  • Biomechanics
  • Principles of Bioengineering

Professional Affiliations

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers International
  • Biomedical Engineering Society

Research Overview

tissue engineering of load-bearing matrix (bone, cornea); bioreactor design; multi-scale mechanobiochemistry; statistical mechanics; energetics microscopy; high-resolution imaging; biopolymer self-assembly

Selected Research Projects

Selected Publications

  • Siadat SM, Susilo ME, Paten JA, Silverman AA, DiMarzio CA and JW Ruberti (2021). Development and validation of fluorescently labeled, functional type I collagen molecules. bioRxiv: doi:
  • Siadat SM, Silverman AA, DiMarzio CA and JW Ruberti (2021) Measuring collagen fibril diameter with differential interference contrast microscopy. Journal of Structural Biology Mar; 213(1): 107697
  • Jamieson RR, Stasiak SE, Polio SR, Ruberti JW and Parameswaran H. (2021). Stiffening of the extracellular matrix is a sufficient condition for airway hyperreactivity. Journal of Applied Physiology. J Appl Physiol (Chosen as “APS Select”) 
  • H. Hosseini, A. Rangchian, M.L. Prins, C.L. Giza, J.W. Ruberti, H.P. Kavehpour, Probing Flow-Induced Biomolecular Interactions with Micro-Extensional Rheology: Tau Protein Aggregation, J. Biomech Eng., 142(3), 2020
  • M. Chaudhary, E.N. Ismail, P. Yao, F. Tayyari, R.A. Radu, S. Nusinowitz, M.E. Boulton, R.S. Apte, J.W. Ruberti, J.T. Handa, P. Tontonoz, G. Malek, LXRs Regulate Features of Age-Related Macular Degeneration and May be a Potential Therapeutic Target, JCI Insight, 5(1), 2020
  • J.A. Paten, C.L. Martin, J.T. Wanis, S.M. Siadat, A.M. Figueroa-Navado, J.W. Ruberti, L.F. Deravi Molecular Interactions Between Collagen and Fibronectin: A Reciprocal Relationship that Regulates De Novo Fibrillogenesis, Chem, 5, 2019, 2126-2145
  • B. Wingender, P. Bradley, N. Saxena, J.W. Ruberti, L. Gower, Biomimetic Organization of Collagen Matrices to Template Bone-Like Microstructures, Matrix Biology, 52-54, 2016, 384-396
  • M. Susilo, J. Paten, E. Sander, T.D. Nguyen, J.W. Ruberti Collagen Network Strengthening Following Cyclic Tensile Loading, Interface Focus, 6(1), 2016
  • J.A. Paten, S. Siadat, M.E. Susilo, I.N. Ebraheim, J.L. Stoner, J.P. Rothstein, J.W. Ruberti, Flow-Induced Crystallization of Collagen: A Potentially Critical Mechanism in Early Tissue Formation, ACS Nano, 10(5), 2016, 5027-5040


Jun 07, 2021

Summer 2021 PEAK Experiences Awardees

Congratulations to the COE student recipients of the Summer 2021 PEAK Experiences Awards. The PEAK Experiences Awards are a progressively structured sequence of opportunities designed to support learners as they continue climbing to new heights of achievement in undergraduate research and creative endeavor throughout their Northeastern journeys. BASE CAMP AWARDS Ana Salichs, COE’22, “Colorimetric Assays […]

KRI building


May 12, 2021

Fostering Innovation through Collaboration

In recent years, the Kostas Research Institute located at the Innovation Campus in Burlington, Massachusetts, added an Expeditionary Cyber & Unmanned Aircraft Systems Lab—the first of its kind in the United States. Ongoing renovations also added 30,000 square feet of entrepreneurial space—the Venture Creation Center, furthering innovation opportunities for engineering faculty, students, and alumni.

daniel devoy


May 04, 2021

Engaging Research from the Start

Curiosity and engagement are top traits of high-potential talented students. To tap into and nurture this excitement, the College of Engineering introduced an innovative program in Fall 2020: Undergraduate Program for Leaders In Future Transformation (UPLIFT). UPLIFT Scholars are paired with a faculty mentor and work in their mentor’s lab conducting research starting their first semester of their first year of study at Northeastern.

Jeffrey Ruberti


Jan 14, 2021

Ruberti Awarded Patent for Mechanochemical Collagen Assembly

BioE Professor Jeffrey Ruberti was awarded a patent for designing a “Mechanochemical collagen assembly.”

Jeffrey Ruberti


May 21, 2020

Ruberti Awarded Grant for Low-Cost COVID-19 Diagnostics Testing

BioE Professor Jeffrey Ruberti, in collaboration with the University of California-Los Angeles and University of Massachusetts Amherst, was awarded a $150K NSF RAPID grant for “Low-Cost, Non-invasive, Fast Sample Collection System for COVID-19 Viral Load Level Diagnosis: Point-of-Care and Environmental Testing.”

professor working in bioengineering lab


Aug 06, 2019

Using Collagen to Help Repair Tendons

BioE Professor Jeff Ruberti is developing a method to use collagen to help speed up the recovery after a tendon is injured.


Feb 26, 2019

Ruberti Awarded Patent

BioE Professor Jeffrey Ruberti was awarded a patent for creating a “Mechanochemical collagen assembly.”


Dec 18, 2018

Five COE Projects Selected for GapFund360

Congratulations to ECE Associate Professors Kaushik Chowdhury, Raymond Fu, Matteo Rinaldi, ECE Professor Vincent Harris, and BioE Professor Jeff Ruberti whose projects were selected for Phase 1 2018 funding by Northeastern’s GapFund360 program.


Aug 21, 2018

$1M NSF Grant to Advance the Study of Single-Molecule Research

BioE Professor Jeffrey Ruberti (co-PI) along with bioengineering affiliated and College of Science faculty, including Professor Mark Williams (PI), and Associate Professors Penny Beuning (co-PI), Meni Wanunu (co-PI), and Ke Zhang (co-PI) were awarded a $1M NSF grant for the “Acquisition of a Lumick’s SuperC-TRAP correlative optical tweezers and fluorescence microscope (CTFM) system.”


Dec 19, 2016

Ruberti Awarded Patent for Collagen Fibrillar Construction

BioE Professor Jeff Ruberti was awarded a patent for “Collagen fibrillar construction” that can be used for tissue engineering.

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