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Aug 19, 2015

Telecommunication Networks Co-op at Raytheon

About Me Chris Lazar graduated with his degree in Electrical Engineering and enrolled in the Master of Science Telecommunication Systems Management program at Northeastern University. Originating from Chicago he wanted to experience life on each of the coasts, and seeing the incredible opportunities at Northeastern thought it would be a great place to start. One […]

Multidisciplinary Masters (IT Areas)

Aug 18, 2015

Perfect Amount of Challenge

As part of the inaugural class of Bioengineering, Allan Wong shares how Northeastern has provided him access to student clubs, rigorous class work, and coops that provide first hand experiences.


Jul 13, 2015

4 MEs Experiences at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab

ME students Joshua Levin, '17, Craig Martland, '16, Matthew Chua, '16, and Amila Cooray, '16 explain how their co-op at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in California were a great experience.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Jun 25, 2015

A Celebration of Bob Tillman’s 39 Years of Dedication to Students

A celebration of Bob Tillman's 39 years of dedication to students. 

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jun 23, 2015

The Many Opportunities NU Offers

Sam Mount, ChE’17, explains why he likes all the opportunities NU provides its students through his own #TrueNortheastern story.

Chemical Engineering

Jun 15, 2015

Real-World Experiences: From Bose to Apple

Matthew Fitzsimons, BSME'17, appreciates the real-world experiences that co-op opportunities provide him.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

May 26, 2015

Featured for NASA Internship

BSME student CJ Schmidt, Jr. was featured in his local paper, the Amherst Bee, for a summer internship at NASA Langley Center that he completed last year. 

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

May 21, 2015

Great Experiences at NU

Rucha Borle, a grad­uate stu­dent from India who is studying indus­trial engi­neering, explains how a wel­coming com­mu­nity, great co-​​ops, and Boston are among her favorite aspects of life at North­eastern.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering