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Jun 12, 2012

Beating cancer, one nanoparticle at a time

Small wonder that Sean Burns, E’13, spends 10 hours a day in a med­ical oncology lab­o­ra­tory at the Dana-​​Farber Cancer Insti­tute, devel­oping and improving nanopar­ticle screening methods for testing the effec­tive­ness of poten­tial drugs on many forms of cancer: His mom is a nurse and sev­eral of his family mem­bers have bat­tled the disease. “Cancer is […]

Chemical Engineering

Mar 29, 2012

Congratulations Lauren Gianino!!

Lauren Gianino (ChE ’12) is a recipient of the Harold Hodgkinson Award in recognition of scholastic achievement, leadership, coop, and service in voluntary organizations and activities. This is one of the highest honors that a senior at Northeastern can receive.

Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering

Sep 28, 2011

Creative Engineering

Using engineering design principles while on coop in Paris, CIV senior Chris Nasif designed a steel reinforcement system that allow buildings to be more earthquake resistant.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Aug 30, 2010

A Dream Come True

ECE Senior Timur Starobinets was able to use his coop experiences to land his dream job at SpaceX, a company missioned to become the first private company to launch a mid-to-heavy lift rocket into space.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

May 05, 2009

Getting the Most out of the Coop Experience

Sean Mayo, a 2009 graduate of ECE, using the experiences he gained from the classroom and coop, has landed himself a dream job at Apple. He already has several patents from working there on his last coop. Sean was recently awarded the William Jefferson Alcott Award for his outstanding performances.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mar 23, 2009

Making the World a Little Greener

Matilda Urie, a senior mechanical engineering student, was been hired by a Scotland firm to "help develop clean, energy-producing turbines—it’s the right thing to do to preserve our planet."

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering