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Hui Fang

Assistant Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

neural interfaces, biomimetic electronics, electronic materials & organisms

Qianqian Fang

Associate Professor, 

Innovations in translational medical imaging devices to better diagnose cancers, low-cost point-of-care diagnostic tools to delivery life-saving medicines to the resource-poor regions, and high performance computing tools to facilitate the development of the next-generation imaging methods

David Fannon

Associate Professor, 
jointly appointed in School of Architecture & Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sustainable and high performance building design; development of sustainable building technologies; human comfort within the built environment

Nasser Fard

Associate Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Systems reliability, accelerated life testing in reliability prediction; big data-data driven decision making in spatiotemporal streaming environment; life data (survival data) analysis; robust design of experiments

Amir Farhat

Associate Teaching Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Integrated circuits, solid state devices

Yunsi Fei

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer architecture, embedded systems, hardware-oriented security, design automation, mobile computing, underwater sensor networks

Hicham Fenniri

Chemical Engineering

Nanomaterials science and engineering, supramolecular chemistry, theranostics, targeted drug delivery, sensors

Loretta A. Fernandez

Associate Professor, 
jointly appointed in Civil and Environmental Engineering & Marine and Environmental Sciences

Environmental organic chemistry; passive sampling methods for organic contaminants in water and sediments; transport and transformation of contaminants in indoor and natural environments

Craig Ferris

Affiliated Faculty, 

magnetic resonance imaging and neurodegenerative disease

Jessica Fisher

Assistant Coop Coordinator and Assistant Director, 
Multidisciplinary Masters Co-op Programs

Area of Focus: Information Systems

Stephen Flynn

Affiliated Faculty, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

critical infrastructure resilience; public policy

Susan Freeman

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, 
Office of the Dean

Luis Frias

Academic Program Assistant, 
Enrollment Services

Yun Raymond Fu

jointly appointed in Electrical and Computer Engineering & Khoury College of Computer Sciences

Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Big Data Mining and Social Media Analytics.

Nicolas Fuchs

Project Implementation Coordinator, 

Peter G. Furth

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Traffic signal control; transit signal priority; transit operations modeling; transit data collection and sampling