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Taskin Padir

Taskin Padir

Associate Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Humanoid robots, dexterous manipulation, model-based robot design, human-supervised robot autonomy, medical cyber-physical systems

Harikrishnan Parameswaran

Assistant Professor, 

Mechanobiology of the smooth muscle, Mechanisms of force transmission in multicellular ensembles, Methods for targeting extracellular matrix for asthma therapy

Kevin Parker

Assistant Co-op Coordinator, 
Cooperative Education

Rupal Patel

Affiliated Faculty, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Speech communication and human computer interfaces

Bebi Patil

Postdoctoral Research Associate, 
Chemical Engineering

Mark Patterson

jointly appointed in Marine and Environmental Sciences & Civil and Environmental Engineering

Development of autonomous underwater robots for civil infrastructure and marine sensing; decision support tools for gray/green infrastructure like tide gates; environmental fluid mechanics; biomechanics and mass transfer in living systems

Misha Pavel

Affiliated Faculty, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Multi-scale computational modeling of complex behaviors of biological systems applied in healthcare, engineering, and augmentation of human performance

Courtney Pfluger

Associate Teaching Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

Engineering education with a focus on technology enhancing pedagogues; Globalization in the classroom and international educational experiences; Sustainable energy and clean water technologies.

Kelsey Pieper

Assistant Professor, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Applied environmental chemistry; corrosion; drinking water quality, treatment, and infrastructure; post-disaster drinking water recovery; public health engineering

Ameet Pinto

Assistant Professor, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Microbial ecology and physiology, drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment, public health microbiology, molecular microbiology, 'omics analyses

Maricla Pirozzi

Associate Co-op Coordinator and Director, 
Multidisciplinary Masters Co-op Programs

Area of Focus: Information Systems and co-op program director for Cyber-Physical Systems, Data Architecture and Management, Information Systems, Software Engineering Systems, and Telecommunication Networks

Matthew Podgurski

Associate Director of Academic Advising, 
Graduate School of Engineering

Michele Polese

Principal Research Scientist, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

5G/6G wireless networks, mmWave and terahertz mobile networks, performance evaluation of end-to-end, complex networks, open source networking software

John G. Proakis

Professor Emeritus, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Digital Communications and Digital Signal Processing