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Taslim Receives Patent for Non-Rotating Wind Energy Generator

MIE Professor Mohammad Taslim was awarded a patent for his "Non-rotating Wind Energy Generator". Abstract Source: USPTO In an embodiment of the invention, a non-rotating wind energy generator uses the fluid flow principles of vortex shedding and transverse galloping to generate oscillatory motion of a beam, and alternators, optionally located near both ends of the […]

Fluid Flow Electrical Power

MIE Professor Mohammad Taslim has received a patent for creating a “Non-Rotating Wind Energy Generator”.

MIE Capstone Team Builds Solar Desali­na­tion System

Supervised by MIE Professor Mohammad Taslim, a team of capstone students constructed a solar powered desalination system to help solve the global water shortage.

Little blade, big role

When­ever I fly, I almost always get seated near the engine. In the past this has made me  grumpy. Not only are those big cylin­ders ridicu­lously loud, they also obstruct my view of the beau­tiful clouds and the earth below. But after meeting with mechan­ical and indus­trial engi­neering pro­fessor Mo Taslim last week I think I’ll be taking a […]

Making Clean Water For All

Under the supervision of professor Mohammad Taslim, a team of MIE capstone students have developed a solar-​​ powered desali­na­tion system to help the world’s water crisis.

Sensor Shirt is Real-World Solution

MIE students designed a shirt to monitor the movements of a pitcher. By studying the mechanics of the pitch, they can determine if a player’s technique starts to worsen which might result in an elbow injury.