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Subharmonic Tag for Wireless Sensing

ECE PhD student Hussein Hussein, Professor Matteo Rinaldi, Associate Professor Marvin Onabajo, and Assistant Professor Cristian Cassella had their research on “A chip-less and battery-less subharmonic tag for wireless sensing with parametrically enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range” published in Scientific Reports from the Nature group.

Cristian Cassella

Cassella Receives NSF CAREER Award

Assistant Professor Cristian Cassella, electrical and computer engineering, received a $409K NSF CAREER award for “Giant Tunability through Piezoelectric Resonant Acoustic Metamaterials for Radio Frequency Adaptive Integrated Electronics”.

Cristian Cassella

Using Two-Dimensional Mode Resonators for High Frequency Filtering

ECE Assistant Professor Cristian Cassella as awarded a patent for “Two-dimensional mode resonators”.

Matteo Rinaldi and Cristian Cassella

Rinaldi and Cassella Awarded Patent for “Microelectromechanical Resonant Circulators”

ECE Associate Professor Matteo Rinaldi and Assistant Professor Cristian Cassella were awarded a patent for “Microelectromechanical resonant circulator”.

Cristian Cassella

Applied Physics Letters Featured Article

ECE Assistant Professor Cristian Casella recently had his article, Aluminum Nitride Two-Dimensional-Resonant-Rods accepted in Applied Physics Letters Journal.

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Cassella Receives NSF Award to Enable Longer Battery Lifetime and Next-Generation Micro- and Nano-Sensors

ECE Assistant Professor Cristian Cassella (PI), Associate Professor Marvin Onabajo, and  Associate Professor Matteo Rinaldi received a $437K NSF award from the CCSS-Comms Circuits & Sens Sys program for “Fully Integrated Parametric Filters for Extensive Phase-Noise Reduction in Low-Power RF Front-Ends and Resonant Sensing Platforms.” The research program aims to exploit, for the first time, […]

New Faculty Spotlight: Cristian Cassella

Cristian Cassella joins the Electrical & Computer Engineering department in August 2018 as an Assistant Professor.

Rinaldi & McGruer Featured on Cover of Nature Nanotechnology

ECE Associate Professor Matteo Rinaldi and Professor Nicol McGruer’s research on “Zero-power infrared digitizers based on plasmonically enhanced micromechanical photoswitches” was featured on the cover of Nature Nanotechnology.