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Related News for Teiichi Ando

Heating at the Nanoscale

MIE Professor Teiichi Ando was awarded a patent for creating a nanoscale heater element capable of local selectivity and controlled exposure.

Strength of Particle Bonds

MIE Assistant Professor Andrew Gouldstone and Professors Teiicho Ando & Sinan Muftu were awarded a $400K NSF grant to determine how the bonding of particles is affected by ultrasonic vibrations.

Joining at the Microscale

MIE Professor Teiichi Ando has been awarded a $137K NSF grant to join materials together at the microscale using nanoheater structures leading to new ways to build microscale devices.

Prof Ando Selected as Fellow

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Professor Teiichi Ando has been selected as a Fellow of ASM International.