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Eduardo Sontag Gave Keynote Talk at 2020 European Control Conference

ECE/BioE Professor Eduardo Sontag gave the opening keynote talk on “Some Control Theory Ideas in Systems and Synthetic Biology” virtually at the 2020 European Control Conference at St Petersburg, Russia.

In Vitro Implementation of Robust Gene Regulation in a Synthetic Biomolecular Integral Controller

ECE/BioE Professor Eduardo Sontag’s research on “in vitro implementation of robust gene regulation in a synthetic biomolecular integral controller” was published in Nature Communications.

Research from Univ. Dist. Prof. Eduardo Sontag published in PLOS Computational Biology

BioE University Distinguished Professor Eduardo Sontag’s research has been published in Public Library of Science (PLOS) Computational Biology, a non-profit, peer-reviewed journal, entitled “Multi-modality in gene regulatory networks with slow promoter kinetics”.

Research from Univ. Dist. Prof. Eduardo Sontag published in Frontiers in Immunobiology

BioE University Distinguished Professor Eduardo Sontag’s research entitled “Immunobiochemical Reconstruction of Influenza Lung Infection—Melanoma Skin Cancer Interactions” has been published in Frontiers in Immunology, a leading journal in its field.

Sontag to Work in Collaboration on $1.5M NSF/SRC Grant

ECE/BioE Professor Eduardo Sontag, in collaboration with Dr. Chris Voigt from MIT and Dr. Kate Adamala from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, was awarded a $1.5M three-year grant jointly funded from the National Science Foundation and Semiconductor Research Corporation for “Very Large-Scale Genetic Circuit Design Automation”.

Novel Synthetic Biology Technique Could Lead to Breakthroughs in Disease Treatment

University Distinguished Professor Eduardo Sontag developed a new technique that would give researchers the ability to control the behavior of engineered cells.

New Faculty Spotlight: Eduardo Sontag

Eduardo Sontag joins the Electrical and Computer Engineering department in January 2018 as a University Distinguished Professor with a joint appointment in Bioengineering.