ECE Team Wins Facebook Research Award

Stratis Ioannidis with Jennifer Dy and Deniz Erdoğmuş

A Northeastern ECE team led by Associate Professor Stratis Ioannidis, and including ECE Professors Jennifer Dy and Deniz Erdoğmuş, has won a highly competitive Facebook Research Award. The $50K award is part of Facebook’s Statistics for Improving Insights, Models, and Decisions program, organized by Facebook research teams working in Data Science Infrastructure and Core Data Science. The Northeastern team is one of the 6 teams selected for funding; the program received 154 proposals submitted by more than 107 universities. As part of the project, entitled “Learning from Comparisons”, the ECE researchers will study methods for accelerating training and inference of deep learning algorithms applied to comparison and ranking data.

Related Faculty: Stratis Ioannidis, Deniz Erdogmus, Jennifer Dy

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