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Research Focus

Healthcare systems engineering, operations research, quality and reliability engineering, statistical quality control, high reliability design, patient safety


  • PhD (1997), Industrial Engineering and Operations Research University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Honors & Awards

  • Outstanding Research Award (2011), College of Engineering, Northeastern University
  • Outstanding Teaching Award (2008), College of Engineering, Northeastern University
  • Teaching Excellence Award (2003), Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society
  • President’s Aspiration Service Award (2001), Northeastern University
  • National Champion (2001), FIRST Robotics/Engineering Competition
  • Teaching Excellence Award (2000), Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society
  • Outstanding Service Merit Award (2000), College of Engineering, Northeastern University
  • National Partnership for Reinventing Government Research Award (1998), Vice President Al Gore

Professional Affiliations

  • Alpha Pi Mu
  • American Society for Engineering Education
  • American Society for Quality
  • Decision Sciences Institute
  • Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Lifetime Fellow
  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Senior Fellow
  • Institute for Operations Research and Management Science
  • Institute of Industrial Engineers, Fellow
  • Phi Kappa Phi
  • Society of Health Systems, Fellow

Research Overview

Healthcare systems engineering, operations research, quality and reliability engineering, statistical quality control, high reliability design, patient safety

Healthcare Systems Engineering (HSyE) Institute

Northeastern University’s Healthcare Systems Engineering (HSyE) program is a university-level institute that has focused on improving healthcare efficiency, quality, logistics, safety, flow, effectiveness, and access for more than 30 years. We have a simple mission: to broadly impact healthcare improvement through education, research, and application in systems engineering methods.

We accomplish this mission through our HSyE undergraduate and graduate academic programs, national experiential coop education and summer internship programs, three federally-awarded healthcare industrial engineering centers, competitive scholarships, and strategic partnerships. We rely on deep industry-university partnerships to advance the shared missions of healthcare improvement and workforce development.

Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute

Selected Research Projects

  • Development and Validation of Analytic Spatial-Temporal Models to Help Study and Mitigate the National Opioid- Heroin Co-Epidemic
    • – Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation

Research Centers and Institutes

College Research Initiatives

Department Research Areas

Selected Publications

  • Benneyan, James, Gehrke, Christopher, Ilies, Iulian, Nehls, Nicole (2021). Community and Campus COVID-19 Risk Uncertainty Under University Reopening Scenarios: Model-Based Analysis. JMIR Public Health and Surveillance, 7(4),e24292. 10.2196/24292
  • Bettinger, Brendan, Benneyan, James C., Mahootchi, Tannaz (2021). Antibiotic stewardship from a decision-making, behavioral economics, and incentive design perspective. Applied Ergonomics, 90,103242. 10.1016/J.APERGO.2020.103242
  • Cyr, Melissa E., Boucher, Daryl, Korona, Shayna A., Guthrie, Barbara J., Benneyan, James C. (2021). A mixed methods analysis of access barriers to dermatology care in a rural state. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 77(1),355-366. 10.1111/JAN.14604
  • Anderson, Deverick J., Ilieş, Iulian, Foy, Katherine, Nehls, Nicole, Benneyan, James C., Lokhnygina, Yuliya, Baker, Arthur W. (2020). Early recognition and response to increases in surgical site infections using optimized statistical process control charts—the Early 2RIS Trial: a multicenter cluster randomized controlled trial with stepped wedge design. Trials, 21(1). 10.1186/S13063-020-04802-4
  • Baker, Arthur W, Nehls, Nicole, Ilieş, Iulian, Benneyan, James C, Anderson, Deverick J (2020). Use of optimised dual statistical process control charts for early detection of surgical site infection outbreaks. Quality and Safety in Health Care, 29(6),517-520. 10.1136/BMJQS-2019-010586
  • Bersani, Kerrin, Fuller, Theresa E., Garabedian, Pamela, Espares, Jenzel, Mlaver, Eli, Businger, Alexandra, Chang, Frank, Boxer, Robert B., Schnock, Kumiko O., Rozenblum, Ronen, Dykes, Patricia C., Dalal, Anuj K., Benneyan, James C., Lehmann, Lisa S., Gershanik, Esteban F., Bates, David W., Schnipper, Jeffrey L. (2020). Use, Perceived Usability, and Barriers to Implementation of a Patient Safety Dashboard Integrated within a Vendor EHR. Applied Clinical Informatics, 11(01),034-045. 10.1055/S-0039-3402756
  • Breuer, Dominic J., Lahrichi, Nadia, Clark, David E., Benneyan, James C. (2020). Robust combined operating room planning and personnel scheduling under uncertainty. Operations Research for Health Care, 27,100276. 10.1016/J.ORHC.2020.100276
  • Businger, Alexandra C, Fuller, Theresa E, Schnipper, Jeffrey L, Rossetti, Sarah Collins, Schnock, Kumiko O, Rozenblum, Ronen, Dalal, Anuj K, Benneyan, James, Bates, David W, Dykes, Patricia C (2020). Lessons learned implementing a complex and innovative patient safety learning laboratory project in a large academic medical center. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 27(2),301-307. 10.1093/JAMIA/OCZ193
  • Collins, Sarah A., Couture, Brittany, Smith, Ann DeBord, Gershanik, Esteban, Lilley, Elizabeth, Chang, Frank, Yoon, Cathy, Lipsitz, Stuart, Sheikh, Aziz, Benneyan, James, Bates, David W. (2020). Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Real-Time Safety Reporting by Hospitalized Patients and Their Care Partners: The MySafeCare Application. Journal of Patient Safety, 16(2),e75-e81. 10.1097/PTS.0000000000000493
  • Dykes, Patricia C., Burns, Zoe, Adelman, Jason, Benneyan, James, Bogaisky, Michael, Carter, Eileen, Ergai, Awatef, Lindros, Mary Ellen, Lipsitz, Stuart R., Scanlan, Maureen, Shaykevich, Shimon, Bates, David Westfall (2020). Evaluation of a Patient-Centered Fall-Prevention Tool Kit to Reduce Falls and Injuries: A Nonrandomized Controlled Trial. JAMA Network Open, 3(11),e2025889. 10.1001/JAMANETWORKOPEN.2020.25889
  • Fuller, Theresa E., Garabedian, Pamela M., Lemonias, Demetri P., Joyce, Erin, Schnipper, Jeffrey L., Harry, Elizabeth M., Bates, David W., Dalal, Anuj K., Benneyan, James C. (2020). Assessing the cognitive and work load of an inpatient safety dashboard in the context of opioid management. Applied Ergonomics, 85,103047. 10.1016/J.APERGO.2020.103047
  • Ilieş, Iulian, Anderson, Deverick J, Salem, Joseph, Baker, Arthur W, Jacobsen, Margo, Benneyan, James C (2020). Large-scale empirical optimisation of statistical control charts to detect clinically relevant increases in surgical site infection rates. Quality and Safety in Health Care, 29(6),472-481. 10.1136/BMJQS-2018-008976
  • Ilieş, Iulian, Benneyan, James C., Jabur, Tiago Barbieri Couto, Baker, Arthur W., Anderson, Deverick J. (2020). Impact of molecular testing on reported Clostridoides difficile infection rates. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, 41(3),306-312. 10.1017/ICE.2019.327
  • Baker, Arthur W, Nehls, Nicole, Ilieş, Iulian, Benneyan, James C, Anderson, Deverick J (2019). 85. Use of Dual Statistical Process Control Charts for Early Detection of Surgical Site Infection Outbreaks at a Community Hospital Network. Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 6(Supplement_2),S4-S5. 10.1093/OFID/OFZ359.009
  • Cyr, Melissa E., Guthrie, Barbara J., Board, Rhonda M., Boucher, Daryl, Benneyan, James C. (2019). Piloting a Tool to Measure Patient-Perceived Barriers to Dermatology Access. Journal of the Dermatology Nurses’ Association, 11(5),208-213. 10.1097/JDN.0000000000000487
  • Cyr, Melissa E., Etchin, Anna G., Guthrie, Barbara J., Benneyan, James C. (2019). Access to specialty healthcare in urban versus rural US populations: a systematic literature review. BMC Health Services Research, 19(1). 10.1186/S12913-019-4815-5
  • Dalal, Anuj K, Fuller, Theresa, Garabedian, Pam, Ergai, Awatef, Balint, Corey, Bates, David W, Benneyan, James (2019). Systems engineering and human factors support of a system of novel EHR-integrated tools to prevent harm in the hospital. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 10.1093/JAMIA/OCZ002
  • Lacson, Ronilda, Cochon, Laila, Ip, Ivan, Desai, Sonali, Kachalia, Allen, Dennerlein, Jack, Benneyan, James, Khorasani, Ramin (2019). Classifying Safety Events Related to Diagnostic Imaging From a Safety Reporting System Using a Human Factors Framework. Journal of the American College of Radiology, 16(3),282-288. 10.1016/J.JACR.2018.10.015
  • Nehls, Nicole, Ilieş, IulianBenneyan, James C, Baker, Arthur W, Anderson, Deverick J (2019). 1232. Potential Health and Cost Outcomes of Optimized Statistical Process Control Use for Surgical Site Infection Surveillance. Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 6(Supplement_2),S443-S444. 10.1093/OFID/OFZ360.1095
  • Wiggins, Marjorie S., Bates, Peter, Benneyan, James (2019). Educating Caregivers To Provide Safe Care. Health Affairs, 38(2),328-329. 10.1377/HLTHAFF.2018.05474
  • R.R. Krishnan, J. Benneyan, S. Sonuc, Optimization of Medical Supply Chains and Forward Store Locations for Recurrent Homecare Patient Demand with Periodic Interruptions, American Journal of Operations Research, 8(3), 2018, 203-220
  • J. Benneyan, I. Garrahan, I. Ilies, X. Duan, Modeling Approaches, Challenges, and Preliminary Results for the Opioid and Heroin Co-Epidemics, Proc Winter Simulation Conference, 2017, 2821-2832
  • S. Mutlu, J. Benneyan, J. Terrell, V. Jordan, A. Turkcan, A Co-Availability Scheduling Model for Coordinating Multi-Disciplinary Care Teams, International Journal of Production Research, 53(24), 2015, 7226-7237
  • H. Musdal, B. Shiner, M.E. Ceyhan, B.V. Watts, J.C. Benneyan, In-Person and Video-Based Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment for Veterans: A Location-Allocation Model, Journal of Military Medicine, 179(2), 2014, 150-156
  • J.S. Peck ,D.J. Nightingale, S.A. Gaehde, J.C. Benneyan, Generalizability of a Simple Approach for Predicting Hospital Admission from an Emergency Department, Academic Emergency Medicine, 20(11), 2013, 1156-1163
Heather Cheung

Spotlight Story

Jan 29, 2021

Featured Galante Fellow: Heather Cheung

Heather Cheung is a fifth-year Northeastern student who has been a part of the Galante Engineering Business Program since 2019. Within Galante, she has been the information session coordinator since last year. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s in Engineering Management. In her time at Northeastern, Cheung has had the […]

medical tent with three beds


Apr 17, 2020

Modeling COVID-19 Data to Help Hospitals With Projections

James Benneyan, MIE Professor and Director of Northeastern’s Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute, is working with Lahey Hospital and Medical Center to develop a modeling tool to help hospitals prepare for surges in COVID-19 cases.


Apr 05, 2019

Congratulations RISE:2019 Winners

Congratulations to our engineering students who won awards at the RISE:2019 Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo!


Oct 16, 2018

HSyE Awarded $1.8M in AHRQ Funding to Combat Patient Misdiagnoses

James Benneyan, MIE Professor & Director of the Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute, was awarded a $1.8M R18 award from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) in collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital (lead) for a Patient Safety Learning Lab (PSLL) to develop real-time predictive/detection models of patient misdiagnoses.


Oct 16, 2018

HSyE Receives Funding for Continued Mitigation on U.S. Opioid Epidemic

James Benneyan, MIE Professor & Director of the Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute, received a $450K NIH/NIDA award for “Model-Informed Understanding and Mitigation of the U.S. Opioid and Heroin Epidemic.”


Nov 06, 2017

Prof. Benneyan's Opioid Research Featured in the Boston Herald

Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research James Benneyan was featured in the Boston Herald article, “Group: Fentanyl to Fuel Opioid Deaths Five More Years.”


Oct 27, 2017

Using System Engineering Models to Combat Opioid Use

MIE Professor James Benneyan is creating mathematical models to optimize where to have short- and long-term treatment facilities to combat the growing opiod crisis.


Jun 14, 2017

Benneyan Receives NSF EAGER Grant

MIE Professor James Benneyan was awarded a $257K NSF EAGER grant for "Development and Validation of Analytic Spatial-Temporal Models to Help Study and Mitigate the National Opioid-Heroin Co-Epidemic".


Nov 04, 2016

Benneyan Featured in US News & World Report

MIE Professor & HSyE Executive Director James Benneyan gave a panel briefing to U.S. News and World Report about the progress and status on several National Academy of Engineering and National Academy of Medicine reports from 2000-2010 about implementing systems engineering into U.S. healthcare and was featured in the article "To Improve Hospitals, Doctors Look to Toyota".

Aug 02, 2016

HSyE to Collaborate on "Pursuing Excellence in Clinical Learning Environments" Award

The Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute (HSyE) will collaborate with Maine Medical Center on one of 8 “Pursuing Excellence in Clinical Learning Environments” awards from ACGME.

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