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2023 Stanford University Annual Assessment of Author Citations

The following COE professors are among the top scientists worldwide selected by Stanford University representing the top 2% of the most-cited scientists with single-year impact in various disciplines. The selection is based on the top 100,000 by c-score (with and without self-citations) or a percentile rank of 2% or above. The list below includes those […]

Researchers Win Best Paper Award for Content Distribution Framework

A team of researchers from Northeastern University, MIT, and EURECOM won the best paper award at the 21st International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad-hoc, and Wireless Networks (WiOpt 2023) for their paper on “Joint Optimization of Storage and Transmission via Coding Traffic Flows for Content Distribution.”

ECE PhD Student Places Second at SIGMETRICS 2023

Electrical and computer engineering student Yuanyuan Li, PhD’23, supervised by Professor Stratis Ioannidis, won 2nd place at the student research competition for her work on “Distributed Experimental Design Networks” at the ACM SIGMETRICS 2023 conferences.

Impact Engines Spur Multidisciplinary Research Innovation to Solve Global Challenges

Northeastern University has selected its first cohort of Impact Engines to ignite measurable change in problem-solving, three of the five of which are led by engineering faculty.

Improving Computer Networks with Distributed Cached Content

ECE Associate Professor Stratis Ioannidis and Professor Edmund Yeh were awarded a patent for designing a “Distributing cached content in a network.” Abstract Source: USPTO The invention relates to a computer-implemented method, a corresponding a computer program product and a corresponding apparatus for distributing cached content in a network, the computer-implemented method comprising: collecting statistics […]

Handling Both Routing and Caching Effectively

ECE Associate Professor Stratis Ioannidis and Professor Edmund Yeh were awarded a patent for “Joint routing and caching method for content delivery with optimality guarantees for arbitrary networks.”

Kaushik Chowdhury, Tommaso Melodia, and Stratis Ioannidis.

Northeastern Part of New NSF Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

Northeastern is part of a team led by the Ohio State University that was awarded $20 million over five years for the NSF AI Institute for Future Edge Networks and Distributed Intelligence (AI-EDGE). Professor Kaushik Chowdhury, electrical and computer engineering (ECE), is the Northeastern lead, with co-PIs ECE Professor Tommaso Melodia and ECE Associate Professor Stratis Ioannidis responsible for $1.8 million of the award.

Pioneering a Data-Centric Approach to Distributed Machine Learning

ECE Associate Professor Stratis Ioannidis and ECE Professor Edmund Yeh, in collaboration with ECE Professor Carlee Joe-Wong from Carnegie Mellon University, have been awarded a $1M grant from the NSF to pioneer a data-centric approach to distributed machine learning.

Faculty and Staff Awards 2020

Congratulations to all the winners of the faculty and staff awards, and to everyone for their hard work and dedication during the 2019-2020 academic school year.

Stratis Ioannidis with Jennifer Dy and Deniz Erdoğmuş

ECE Team Wins Facebook Research Award

ECE Associate Professor Stratis Ioannidis is leading a team with Professors Jennifer Dy and Deniz Erdoğmuş, that won a highly competitive Facebook Research Award with their project “Learning from Comparisons”.

Edmund Yeh, Ningfang Mi, Stratis Ioannidis, Faruk Volkan Mutlu

Northeastern Leads Organization of ACM SIGMETRICS 2020

Northeastern University recently led the organization of ACM SIGMETRICS 2020, which is the flagship conference of the ACM in the area of performance analysis of computer systems, and the development of tools and innovative application of tools towards this end.

Stratis Ioannidis

Ioannidis Selected to Work with The National Technical University of Athens

ECE Associate Professor Stratis Ioannidis was awarded a fellowship by the Greek Diaspora Fellowship Program (GDFP) to travel to Greece.

abstract cybersecurity graphic

Cybersecurity: Your Secrets Are Safe With Us

Northeastern researchers are at the forefront of cybersecurity research, protecting everything from the phone in your pocket to the city of the future.

ioannidis giving talk on stage

Ioannidis Gives Talk at Networking@Scale

ECE Assistant Professor Stratis Ioannidis gave a talk on “Adaptive Cache Networks with Optimality Guarantees” at Networking@Scale.

three students show their framed awards

ECE Team Wins Best Paper Award at IEEE DySPAN 2019

ECE PostDoc Andrey Gritsenko, Computer Engineering PhDs Zifeng Wang, Tong Jian, Professor Jennifer Dy, Associate Professor Kaushik Chowdhury, and Assistant Professor Stratis Ioannidis received the best paper award at the IEEE DySPAN 2019 conference for their paper on “Finding a ‘New’ Needle in the Haystack: Unseen Radio Detection in Large Populations Using Deep Learning”.

Stratis Ioannidis, Jennifer Dy, Tommaso Melodia, Kaushik Chowdhury, and Yanzhi Wang

Ioannidis to Lead $1M NSF Grant for Real-Time Learning for Next Generation Wireless Systems

ECE Assistant Professor Stratis Ioannidis is leading a $1M NSF grant, with Professors Jennifer Dy, Tommaso Melodia, Associate Professor Kaushik Chowdhury, and Assistant Professor Yanzhi Wang, to develop “Efficient and Adaptive Real-Time Learning for Next Generation Wireless Systems”.

$1.5M Wireless/Machine Learning DARPA Award for Device Fingerprinting

ECE Professor Kaushik Chowdhury is leading an interdisciplinary COE team leveraging a $1.5 million DARPA grant to identify device-specific radio signals on a massive scale.

Honoring Highest Achievements

Congratulations to the COE faculty and students that were honored at the 2018 Academic Honors Convocation.

Ioannidis Awarded NSF CAREER Grant

ECE Assistant Professor Stratis Ioannidis was awarded a $460K NSF CAREER grant for “Leveraging Sparsity in Massively Distributed Optimization”.

Ioannidis & Yeh Win Best Paper Award

ECE Assistant Professor Stratis Ioannidis and Professor Edmund Yeh received the Best Paper Award at the 4th ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN 2017) for their paper on “Jointly Optimal Routing and Caching for Arbitrary Network Topologies.”

Leeser and Ioannidis to Speak at MIT

ECE Professors Miriam Leeser and Stratis Ioannidis will give a joint lecture on the “Practical, Secure Function Evaluation at Scale” at the Computational Research in Boston and Beyond Seminar at MIT.

Ioannidis to Lead $2M BIGDATA Research

ECE Assistant Professor Stratis Ioannidis will lead a BIGDATA collaborative research effort for the “Design and Computation of Scalable Graph Distances in Metric Spaces: A Unified Multiscale Interpretable Perspective”.

Ioannidis and Leeser Awarded $500K NSF MaSSIF Grant

ECE Professors Stratis Ioannidis and Miriam Leeser have been awarded a $500K NSF grant to create a “Massively Scalable Secure Computation Infrastructure Using FPGAs.”

Ioannidis & Yeh Awarded $500K NSF Grant

ECE Assistant Professor Stratis Ioannidis and Professor Edmund Yeh were awarded a $500K NSF grant for "Caching Networks with Optimality Guarantees". Abstract Source: NSF The Internet today includes networks of caches–networks with storage capabilities–that are used in a broad array of real-life networking applications. They play a central role in commercial systems for the online […]

$800K NSF Grant to Diagnose ROP

ECE Assistant Professor Stratis Ioannidis, Associate Professor Deniz Erdogmus, and Professor Jennifer Dy were awarded an $800K NSF grant to create an "Assistive Integrative Support Tool for Retinopathy of Prematurity".

Two ECE Professors Win Google Research Award worth $67k

ECE Professors Stratis Ioannidis and Miriam Leeser have won a Google Faculty Research Award worth more than $67k.

Protecting Digital Privacy

ECE Assistant Professor Stratis Ioannidis is using Big Data to build a mobile advertising system while protecting digital privacy.

New Faculty Spotlight: Efstratios Ioannidis

Efstratios Ioannidis joins the Electrical and Computer Engineering department in Fall 2015 as an Assistant Professor.