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Makenna Lorange

Administrative Assistant, 

Maria LoSurdo

Director of Administration and Finance, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jennifer Love

Associate Academic Specialist, 
First Year Engineering Program

Lucy Lu

Assistant Co-op Coordinator, 
Cooperative Education

Mingyang Lu

Assistant Professor, 

computational systems biology, an integration of mathematical modeling and bioinformatics for studying gene regulatory networks, single cell genomics, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, coarse-graining, reverse engineering, machine learning, stochasticity and heterogeneity in gene expression

Steve Lustig

Associate Professor & Associate Chair of Research, 
Chemical Engineering

design and manipulation of molecular/materials chemistry and structure for new property discovery, new functionality and technology development by combining theoretical and experimental methods; high performance computing, quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics, polymer physics, materials and biomolecular engineering

David Luzzi

Senior Vice Provost for Research and Vice President, 
Innovation Campus at Burlington

Security, intelligence and resilience; corporate partnerships; intellectual property policy; technology readiness and transition; engineered materials; additive manufacturing; expeditionary cyber; cybersecurity; UAS swarms; workforce training and development

Nancy Lyons

Senior Grants Administrator, 
Administrative Resource Center