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New Robotics Lab to Lead to Innovative Research

The newly opened space in EXP for the Institute of Experiential Robotics will allow for interdisciplinary collaboration in the advancement of robotics.

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Northeastern Professor’s Robotic Boats Are Exploring the Arctic

ECE Professor Hanumant Singh and his work on robotics designed to gather data on glaciers, were featured on WGBH Morning Edition, titled “A Northeastern Professor’s Robotic Boats are Exploring the Arctic.” Singh’s robotic boats take surface measurements of Artic glaciers, a job that would be difficult and dangerous for humans. On a recent expedition off […]

Robotics Student Researching Autonomous Vehicle Solutions

Robotics graduate student Srinivas Peri, MS’24, is completing a six-month co-op at TWT Science & Innovation in Germany, where he is researching and developing autonomous vehicle solutions.

India’s landing on the Dark Side of the Moon is Cheered, now Comes the Hard Part of Space Exploration

After India’s successful moon landing, ECE Professors Hanumant Singh and Taskin Padir are excited to see what the future holds for lunar exploration and what role robots will play.

Northeastern Engineer Hanumant Singh and his Collection of Sea-Diving Robots add New Depth to our Understanding of Climate Impacts

ECE Professor Hanumant Singh is using marine robotics like his groundbreaking SeaBED vehicle to capture data on polar sea ice and reshape our understanding of remote environments.

A Northeastern Professor is Using Aquatic Drones to Measure How Quickly Icebergs are Melting

ECE Professor Hanumant Singh is using his Jetyak to create detailed 3D maps of icebergs in Greenland’s Sermilik Fjord with the intent of giving climate scientists a clearer picture of how they are melting and impacting the oceans.

Measuring Global Ice Melt

ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh and his jetyak are featured in the Inside Manned Systems article “Measuring Global Ice Melt“.

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Singh Receives IEEEOES 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

ECE/MIE Professor Hanuman Singh received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society for his work on autonomous underwater vehicles.

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Singh Selected as IEEE Fellow

ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh has been elevated to an IEEE Fellow for his development of localization and mapping techniques and autonomous systems for marine and polar applications. IEEE Fellow is the highest grade of membership and is recognized by the technical community as a prestigious honor and an important career achievement.

Northeastern Team Advances to Finals of ANA Avatar XPRIZE

Team Northeastern is one of 15 teams selected as finalists in the ANA Avatar XPRIZE. Finalist teams will equally share a milestone prize purse of $2M and move on to Finals Testing in Fall 2022 for their chance to win part of the $8M Finals prize purse.

Computer engineering graduate student Rui Luo operates the robot that will be entered into the September 2021 semifinals of a $10 million global robotics competition.

Creating a Human Avatar in Remote Locations

A group of Northeastern University students led by MIE Assistant Professor Peter Whitney, has made it to the semifinals of the global Avatar XPrize competition which aims to create an avatar system that can transport human presence to a remote location in real-time.

Robotic arm attached to Peter Whitney's arm.

Advancing Remote Robotic Technology

MIE Assistant Professor Peter Whitney has been working to design lightweight nimble robotic arms that could be capable of remote surgery or other situations where safety might be a factor. Nimble robotic arms that perform delicate surgery may be one step closer to reality Main photo: Robotics researchers at Northeastern are advancing a technology to […]

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A Clever Robot Spies on Creatures in the Ocean’s ‘Twilight Zone’

ECE Professor Hanumant Singh was featured in the article “A Clever Robot Spies on Creatures in the Ocean’s ‘Twilight Zone’“.

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The Robotic Requirements Needed for a Self-Driving Car

ECE Professor Hanumant Singh’s autonomous field-robotics class incorporates how real-life conditions impact all the robotics required to make things like self-driving cars.

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Building the Next Generation of Autonomous Robots

ECE Professor Hanumant Singh is working to build the next generation of autonomous robots to explore remote environments like the bottom of the ocean.

Faculty and Staff Awards 2020

Congratulations to all the winners of the faculty and staff awards, and to everyone for their hard work and dedication during the 2019-2020 academic school year.


Using Drones to Monitor Iceberg Sizes

ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh has developed a method of taking high-resolution 3d photos of icebergs to monitor their size using ocean drones.


Using Drones to Monitor Penguin Populations

Computer Engineering PhD students Yang Liu and Vikrant Shah traveled to Antarctica to count the dwindling population of chinstrap penguins with drones.

Penguin species in Antarctica hit hard by climate change

ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh’s research on the declining penguin population in Antarctica was featured on the CBS This Morning segment “Penguin species in Antarctica hit hard by climate change”.

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Thinking Out of the Box at Toyota Research Institute

When Amanda Zhu graduated from Northeastern University in May of 2018 with a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering, she only had to wait a month before she started working at the Toyota Research Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Originating from China, Zhu graduated from the University of New Haven with a bachelor’s degree in […]

MIE/ECE Faculty Awarded $1.5M AFRL Grant

MIE/ECE Assistant Professor Jose Martinez-Lorenzo, ECE Professor Tommaso Melodia, ECE Professor Kaushik Chowdhury, ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh, and CCIS/ECE Affiliated Faculty Chris Amato were awarded a $1.5M Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) grant for “Robust Decentralized Classification and Coordination Algorithms for Swarms of SUAS.”

Dive Under the Ice With the Brave Robots of Antarctica

ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh was featured in’s article and video “Dive Under the Ice With the Brave Robots of Antarctica” for his work with his Seabed and Jetyak robots to collect ocean data in extreme arctic conditions.

The Rise of Northeastern Robotics

MIE Assistant Professor Peter Whitney, ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh, and MIE Affiliated Faculty Robert Platt were hand-selected to attend Amazon’s MARS conference which brings together leaders in AI, automation, robotics, and space exploration.

Research Using Drone Finds Super Colony of Penguins

Using an autonomous aerial drone system developed by ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh, researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have discovered a colony of more than 1,500,000 Adélie Penguins on the Danger Islands—more than the rest of the entire Antarctic Peninsula region combined.

Robotics Showcase

A variety of robots, such as a prosthetic hand, drones, mobile robots, and an autonomous car and kayak from ECE Associate Professor Taskin Padir’s RIVeR Lab and ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh’s robotics research center were on display at the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex as part of National Engineers Week.

Using Jetyak Robot to Study Zooplankton at Night

ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh is using his Jetyak robot, an autonomous vehicle to collect oceanographic data, to study the migration patterns of zooplankton in the Arctic at night.

Underwater Robot Examines Ice in Antarctic Ocean

An international crew of scientists, including computer engineering PhD student Alek Razdan, who works with ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh, recently returned from a two-month expedition to the Antarctic Ocean where they launched the Jaguar, an autonomous underwater vehicle, to examine the ice in winter months.

Who Will Pay for the Future if Not the Robots?

ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh comments on the definition of a robot in Wired's article "Who Will Pay for the Future if Not the Robots?".

‘Dragon skin ice’ filmed off Antarctica as scientists study winter behavior of region’s waters

ECE/MIE Professor Hanu Singh’s Antarctica expedition, a collaboration with Northeastern’s College of Engineering, the University of Tasmania, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, are featured by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, to study winter behavior in the region, which includes using drones. ECE student Alek Rezdan is part of the expedition.

ISEC Grand Opening Marks a New Era of Discovery

The grand opening ceremony for the new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex took place on April 3, 2017.

Boston Dynamics’ New Rolling, Leaping Robot Is an Evolutionary Marvel

ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh quoted in Wired.

Professor Singh Featured in Atlantic Article

The research of ECE and MIE Professor Hanumant Singh is the topic of an article by the Atlantic titled The ‘Curious’ Robots Searching for the Ocean’s Secrets. The article focuses on the advancements of autonomous underwater robots, specifically “curious” robots that adapt to their surroundings by having the ability to detect the unexpected with sensors […]

ECE Professor Singh Featured in Atlantic Article

ECE Professor Hanumant Singh's work is featured in an article by The Atlantic titled, "How Many Fish are in the Sea?" The article highlights Professor Singh's work with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, or AUVs. Professor Singh has adopted the design of his robot to help researchers with the daunting task of counting bottom-dwelling fish.

Swarming Red Crabs in Hannibal Bank Seamount

ECE Professor Hanumant Singh's article on "A crab swarm at an ecological hotspot: patchiness and population density from AUV observations at a coastal, tropical seamount" published in PeerJ was picked up by several media outlets including: CNBC, Discovery, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, New York Times,, The Guardian, and the Wall Street Journal.

Inventing Marine Robots

Professors Hanumant Singh (ECE), Mark Patterson (CEE & MES), and Joseph Ayers (MES) are inventing new and improved robots to explore parts of the ocean that humans cannot.

I.Q. Project Highlight: Mapping Uncharted Waters

The work of Professor Hanumant Singh, a new comer to the Northeastern ECE faculty, has taken him to the ends of the world as his autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) technology has gone places no one has before. Professor Singh, an MIT graduate, comes to Northeastern after a long stint with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. […]

Singh Featured on EOS Cover

ECE Professor Hanumant Singh’s research on “Drones in a Cold Climate” was featured on the front cover of Earth & Space Science News.

New Faculty Spotlight: Hanumant Singh

Hanumant Singh joins the Electrical and Computer Engineering department in January 2016 as a Professor.