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Civil and Environmental Engineering Solutions to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and its Industrial Advisory Board held a series of panel discussions entitled “Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) solutions addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

Applying Deep Learning and Physics Modeling to Structures Subjected to Earthquakes

CEE Assistant Professor Hao Sun, ECE Assistant Professor Yanzhi Wang, and CEE Professor & Chair Jerome Hajjar were awarded a $600K NSF grant for “Physics-Reinforced Deep Learning for Structural Metamodeling.”

NGSEA wins Graduate Student Chapter of the Year

The Northeastern Graduate Structural Engineering Association (NGSEA) was selected by the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Local Activities Division as the Graduate Student Chapter of the Year.

SEI President Glenn Bell Talks the Future of Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Institute’s new president, Glenn Bell, recently visited Northeastern to deliver a seminar on his future vision for structural engineering.

TSEC 15: Integrating Sustainability and Resilience into Structural Engineering

CEE Professor and Chair Jerome Hajjar was featured in the Engineering Management Institute’s podcast “TSEC 15: Integrating Sustainability and Resilience into Structural Engineering” in which he talked about how we can integrate sustainability and resilience into structural engineering.

Preparing for "The Big One"

CEE Professor and Chair Jerome Hajjar is pushing to improve building codes across the country to withstand natural disasters like last week’s two earthquakes in California.

Is Architecture Stuck in the Mechanical Era?

CEE Chair and Professor Jerome Hajjar was featured in EE Times India’s article “Is Architecture Stuck in the Mechanical Era?” explaining the different tools and technologies available to inspect and maintain structures.

Notre Dame's Architectural Elements Prevented Further Damage

Civil Chair and Professor Jerome Hajjar explains that the architectural elements of the Notre Dame cathedral such as the flying buttresses helped to prevent further destruction of the iconic building.

Northeastern Opens State-of-the-Art Radio-Silient Drone Facility

Northeastern University is collaborating with Hanscom Air Force Base on a $2.8M grant on a first-of-its-kind radio-silent drone testing facilty at Innovation Campus in Burlington.

The Potential to Power the Nation

CEE Chair Jerome Hajjar, Associate Professors Andrew Myers, Luca Caracoglia, and CCSH Professor Jennie Stephens are researching ways to build safe and effective offshore wind farms that have the capacity to power the entire country.

Hajjar and Padir’s Collaborative Work Highlighted at CRDR Workshop

CEE Chair and CDM Smith Professor Jerome Hajjar and ECE Associate Professor Taskin Padir are collaborating on a research project for post-disaster assessment of critical infrastructure such as bridges using small unmanned aircraft systems.

Benefits of Offshore Wind Facilities

CEE Chair and CDM Smith Professor Jerome Hajjar explains the benefits of the new wind farm being built off the east coast and how Northeastern is poised to help in the designs.

Northeastern Debuts New Drone Testing Facility

A drone cage was built at the George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security which will allow faculty like CEE Chair & CDM Smith Professor Jerome Hajjar and ECE Associate Professor Taskin Padir to develop drones to evaluate damage to structures after disasters.

Faculty and Staff Awards 2018

Congratulations to all the winners of the faculty and staff awards, and to everyone for their hard work and dedication during the 2017-2018 academic school year.

Honoring Highest Achievements

Congratulations to the COE faculty and students that were honored at the 2018 Academic Honors Convocation.

Building Resilient Steel Structures

CEE Chair & CDM Smith Professor Jerome Hajjar presented the 54th annual Robert D. Klein Lecture on March 19th about the need for “Urban Engineering: New Designs for a Resilient and Sustainable Future”.

Examining the Florida Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

CEE Professor & Chair Jerome Hajjar answered questions relating to the safety codes and procedures of accelerated bridge construction after the recent pedestrian bridge collapse in Miami, FL.

Designing Robots to Detect Building Damage

ECE Associate Professor Taskin Padir and CEE Professor & Chair Jerry Hajjar are developing robots that can detect weaknesses in buildings and other infrastructures after a disaster.

How Structures are Built to Resist Trauma

CEE Chair & Professor Jerome Hajjar spoke about how buildings are structurally designed to isolate fire damage following the London fire last week. Source: News @ Northeastern Early Wednesday morning, a high-rise apartment building in London was destroyed in a fire that the commissioner of the London Fire Brigade described by saying, “In my 29 […]

Hajjar Receives Multi-Organization Funding for Steel Building Research

CEE Professor and Chair Jerome Hajjar, along with colleagues at Johns Hopkins University and Virginia Tech, has been awarded a five-year grant from five steel industry organizations. The organizations include the American Institute of Steel Construction, the American Iron and Steel Institute, the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, the Steel Deck Institute, and the Steel Joist Institute. […]

Developing a National Agenda for Research on Offshore Wind Resiliency

CEE Professor and Chair Jerome Hajjar and CEE Assistant Professor Andrew Myers received a grant from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to develop a national agenda for research on offshore wind energy infrastructure.

What is Required to Repair Nation's Infrastructure

CEE Professor & Chair Jerome Hajjar addresses how the national priority of repairing the nation's aging infrastructure can be accomplished. Source: News @ Northeastern President Donald J. Trump underscored repairing the nation’s aging infrastructure as a national priority both throughout the campaign and in his inauguration address. Senate Democrats last week also unveiled their own […]

In Structural Engineering, Continuing Education Is Vital to Innovate and Evolve

CEE Professor & Chair Jerome Hajjar was featured in Redshift for his expertise in structural engineering.

Using Drones to Scan for Structural Problems

CEE Professor & Chair Jerome Hajjar is working to create an "Aerial Robotic Infrastructure Analyst (ARIA)" that was highlighted in

Hajjar Speaks to Northeastern LA Alumni

Jerry Hajjar, CDM Smith Professor and CEE Department Chair, gave a lecture entitled "Urban Engineering: New Ideas for a Sustainable Future" to the Northeastern University Los Angeles alumni community on September 28.

$2.5M NSF grant for Critical Infrastructure Resilience

ECE professors Mario Sznaier, Octavia Camps, Ali Abur, & Edmund Yeh, MIE assistant professor Jacqueline Griffin, CEE professor Jerome Hajjar, COS professor Lisa Feldman Barrett, CCIS professor Stacy Marsella, and Kostas director Peter Boynton were awarded a $2.5M NSF grant for the “Identification and Control of Uncertain, Highly Interdependent Processes Involving Humans with Applications to […]

Flying Robots Inspect Infrastructure Damage

CEE Professor & Chair Jerome Hajjar and colleagues from Carnegie Mellon University are working to create autonomous flying robots that will be able to inspect, analyze, and assess any damages to bridges and buildings.

Hajjar Awarded $180K NSF Grant

CEE Professor & Chair Jerome Hajjar was awarded $180K NSF Grant for "Transforming Building Structural Resilience through Innovation in Steel Diaphragms".

Hajjar Awarded Moisseiff Award

CDM Smith Professor and CEE Chair Jerome Hajjar is a co-recipient of the 2016 Moisseiff Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers for his paper on "Quasi-Static Cyclic Behavior of Controlled Rocking Steel Frames".

CEE and ChE Chairs Jerome Hajjar and Thomas Webster Featured in Advanced Materials & Processes

ChE Chair & Professor Thomas J. Webster and CEE Chair & Professor Jerome F. Hajjar were featured in the November/December issue of Advanced Materials and Processes, an ASM International Publication.

Interdisciplinary Approach to Recover from Disasters

CEE Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly & his interdisciplinary PhD students Udit Bhatia, Devashish Kumar, and Evan Kodra (E'14) have created a tool using network theory to ascertain the resilience of infrastructure systems affected by disasters.

Research Fair a Big Success

The COE Undergraduate Research Lab fair gathered hundreds of students eager to learn about the research opportunities available to them.

CEE PhD Student wins 2015 O. H. Ammann Research Fellowship

CEE PhD student Lizhong Wang is one of four winners of the national 2015 O. H. Ammann Research Fellowship from the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE.

Hajjar Wins 2015 BSCES Clemens Herschel Award

CEE Chair Jerome Hajjar won the 2015 BSCES Clemens Herschel Award from the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section of ASCE.

Eighth International Workshop on Connections in Steel Structures

Jerome Hajjar, CDM Smith Professor and CEE Chair, along with Northeastern University, are pleased to announce they will host the Eighth International Workshop on Connections in Steel Structures (Connections VIII).

Hajjar Interviewed by Boston Herald about Aging MBTA Bridges

CEE Chair & Professor Jerome Hajjar was interviewed by the Boston Herald over concerns about the MBTA bridges that are "structurally deficient".

CEE Industry Leadership Night 2014

Dr. Beverly A. Scott, General Manager and CEO of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, was this year’s Keynote speaker at the fourth annual CEE Industry Leadership Night, providing inspirational comments about the importance of public transportation infrastructure.

Robotic inspectors on disaster duty

In March 2011, the Tohoku earth­quake in Japan ini­ti­ated a tsunami that wreaked havoc across the coast of the island nation. The most infa­mous damage occurred when the Fukushima Daichii nuclear power plant suf­fered serious equip­ment fail­ures, which led to the second largest nuclear dis­aster in history. In the after­math, inspec­tion and repair crews faced severe […]

A sustainable breeding ground for collaboration

A com­plex struc­ture the size of a shoebox perched on a table’s edge in Curry Stu­dent Center Ball­room on Monday evening. The 3-​​D printed con­struc­tion resem­bled a series of tiny, haunt­ingly bare trees with inim­ical spikes for branches. Archi­tec­ture pro­fessor Jane Amidon explained that stu­dents in the Design for Sus­tain­able Urban Envi­ron­ments pro­gram cre­ated the model and others […]

Creating Sustainable Cities

COE faculty Andrew Myers, Jerry Hajjar, Carey Rappaport, Michael Silevitch, Sara Wadia-Fascetti, and Matthias Ruth are working on improving the sustainability of the urban environment.

Jerome Hajjar reimagines yesterdays structures

Jerome Hajjar, professor and chair of civil and environmental engineering Hurricane Sandy destroyed hundreds of buildings throughout New York and New Jersey. But hundreds more that withstood collapse were so severely damaged they had to be demolished. What if there were a way to design buildings to minimize the impact of such damage? At Northeastern’s […]

Congratulations COE Award Winners

Congratulations to the recipients of this year's College of Engineering Faculty and Staff awards. Outstanding Teachers of First Year Engineering Students: Thomas Gilbert, Chemistry; Susan Freeman, Engineering; John Lindhe, Mathematics; Bala Maheswaran, Physics  Martin W. Essigmann Outstanding Teaching Award: Nader Jalili, MIE; Carolyn Lee-Parsons, ChE  Outstanding Cooperative Education Coordinator Award: George Kent, ECE Outstanding Staff Award: Tracy Bourassa, ARC; Faith […]

Hajjar Selected as SEI Fellow

CIV Chair & Professor Jerome Hajjar has been selected to be a Fellow of SEI for his leadership and mentoring in the structural engineering profession.

New Research Grant on Offshore Wind Farms

CEE Assistant Professor Andrew Myers,Professor & Chair Jerry Hajjar, and Sanjay Arwade, Associate Professor at UMass Amherst, have received a new $325K research grant from NSF on Reliability-based Hurricane Risk Assessment for Offshore Wind Farms.

Creating Sustainable Buildings

CEE Chair & Professor, Jerome Hajjar, has received a $250K NSF grant to develop a "Design for Deconstruction" method for building construction by creating sustainable steel structures.

Failure by Design

CIV Chair & Professor, Jerome Hajjar, has designed a system that would allow replaceable steel fuses to absorb the forces of an earthquake and save the building from damage.

Prof. Hajjar Discusses Earthquakes Out East

Jerome Hajjar, Professor and Chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, speaks about the possibility of earthquakes along the East Coast, the potential for damage due to an East Coast Earthquake, and steps this region should be taking to help mitigate the impact from an East Coast earthquake.

Real-World Academics

CIV Professors Ming Wang, Dionisio Bernal, and Jerome Hajjar organized the 2011 Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference which focused on academic research and real-world applications.

Prof. Hajjar Assesses Japan's 8.9-Magnitude Earthquake

Jerome Hajjar, Professor and Chair, answered questions on earthquake preparedness and recovery following the devastating earthquake in Japan.

ASCE Awards Made for 2010 Outstanding Journal Reviewers

Congratulations to Luca Caracoglia, Assistant Professor, and Jerome F. Hajjar, Professor and Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, for being selected as 2010 Outstanding Reviewers for their review activities for two refereed journals published by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Moving Society Forward

CIV Chair & Professor, Jerome Hajjar, is a recipient of a 2010 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award for his work in creating building structures that are earthquake proof.

New Chair Receives Grant

The new CIV Chair & Professor, Jerome Hajjar, was awarded a $54K NSF grant for his research in using steel foams to dissipate energy and prevent buckling in steel structures.