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Studying Climate Change in India and Nepal

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly led a group of students on a Dialogue of Civilizations in India to study climate change science and policy.

Ganguly Awarded Patent for Recovery of Networks from Disruption

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly was awarded a patent for creating a “System for networking and analyzing geospatial data, human infrastructure, and natural elements”. Abstract Source: USPTO A method and system for providing a recovery sequence for a network from a state of disruption to a state of partial or complete functionality are provided. The method […]

Ganguly co-PI on NSF Conference on Urban Resilience

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly is a Co-PI on an NSF grant for a conference on “Challenges to and Opportunities for Resilience in Rapidly Developing Urban Corridors”.

FY20 TIER 1 Award Recipients

25 COE faculty and affiliates were recipients of FY20 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 18 different projects representing up to $900K dollars of investment in research.

Ganguly co-authors Climate Action report and leads the AI section

CEE Professor Auroop R. Ganguly is a co-author of a major US climate action report – and the lead author of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) section therein.

Ganguly Selected as ASCE Fellow

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly has been selected as a fellow of ASCE in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the profession.

CEE Professor Ganguly to deliver invited keynote at National Academies workshop

CEE Professor Auroop R. Ganguly was invited as a keynote speaker at The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) workshop on “Frontiers on Big Data, Modeling, and Simulation in Urban Sustainability” organized by the National Academies’ Board on Mathematical Sciences and Analytics.

CEE Professor Ganguly receives funding grants from NASA Ames and US DOE's PNNL

CEE Professor Auroop R. Ganguly has received two funding grants, one from NASA Ames via the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute for machine learning in earth sciences and engineering and another from the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for network-based cyber-resiliency analysis of critical infrastructures.

A Broader Perspective

Udit Bhatia is a graduate student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University pursuing an Interdisciplinary Engineering PhD 2019 and cannot wait to graduate in a few months and start teaching students himself. His successful journey started before he even got to the United States. Bhatia was a civil engineering undergraduate […]

Data-Driven Solutions for Climate Science and Adaptation

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly and colleagues are using Artificial Intelligence and Network Science to develop solutions along the broad theme of Intelligent Climate Adaptation and Resilient Engineering for Urban Sustainability (I-CARE-4-US).

Global Dialogue to Global Research and Beyond

A Dialogue of Civilizations program that Michael Tormey, BS Civil Engineering, 2020, completed three years ago highly influenced his academic choices and future plans. He enrolled at Northeastern as a civil engineer, and only after his Dialogue on Climate Change Science and Policy the summer of his freshman year, did Tormey realized how scientific advancements […]

SDS Lab PhD students Kate Duffy and Udit Bhatia excel at NASA and in Big Data

Sustainability & Data Sciences Lab (SDS) PhD students Kate Duffy and Udit Bhatia spent the summer working at a NASA Ames internship on atmospheric correction of images and working on Big Data research, respectively.

Severe Flooding Could Be Controlled With Better Construction and Environmental Practices

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly says the damage caused in southwestern India by severe flooding is as much a consequence of poor construction and harmful environmental practices as the result of a natural disaster. Source: News @ Northeastern Floods in southwestern India have killed more than 350 people and stranded thousands since the monsoon season arrived […]

Ganguly joins PLOS ONE editorial board and is elevated to IEEE Senior Member

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Auroop R. Ganguly has accepted an invitation from the journal PLOS ONE to join their editorial board.  PLOS ONE prides itself as the “world’s first multidisciplinary Open Access journal”. Ganguly has been on the editorial board of Nature’s Scientific Reports journal over the last three years. In addition, he […]

SDS Lab PhD student Thomas Vandal accepts position as NASA scientist

Sustainability and Data Science Laboratory (SDS Lab) PhD student Thomas J. (“TJ”) Vandal has accepted a position as a NASA scientist at their Ames Research Center in the San Francisco Bay Area. He will work on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Earth Sciences, and closely with the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) team. TJ interned with NASA during his PhD, and completed his dissertation based on […]

CEE Professor Ganguly Joins United Nations Panel

CEE Professor Ganguly is a United Nations Environmental Effects Assessments Panel (UN EEAP) review member to the upcoming 2018 quadrennial assessment report.

Ganguly receives grants from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly received two grants from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Graduate Opportunities Program.

Climate Dialogue to Peru & Brazil completes last two phases

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly explains what his group of students on a Dialogue of Civilizations on Climate Change Science and Policy did for the second half of their trip.

Ganguly leads Artificial Intelligence section for US Climate Assessment

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly, the PI of the Sustainability and Data Science Laboratory (SDS Lab), is the lead author of the Artificial Intelligence section in the Climate Adaptation chapter of the upcoming Sustained National Climate Assessment report for the United States. Ganguly has published extensively on climate extremes, machine learning in climate, and climate adaptation. His students and […]

Climate Dialogue to Peru & Brazil completes 2 of 4 phases

The 2018 Northeastern University Dialogue of Civilizations on Climate Change Science and Policy, led by Professor Auroop Ratan Ganguly and co-led by his PhD student Udit Bhatia, completed the first two of the four phases.

SDS Lab students and alums enjoy spate of success stories

Three PhD students of the Sustainability and Data Sciences Laboratory (SDS Lab), viz., Kevin Clark, Babak Fard, and Thomas Vandal, successfully defended their dissertations last month. Vandal received the College of Engineering best dissertation award among graduating PhD students. His research in deep (machine) learning and climate, which included collaborators from NASA Ames and the […]

CEE Professor Ganguly delivers invited talk on the Networked Digital Earth

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly delivered an invited talk on “The Networked Digital Earth (NDE) for Climate Adaptation and Resilient Engineering (CARE)” at the International Conference on Geomatics in Civil Engineering (ICGCE 2018).

Climate Risk Analytics Startup with Northeastern Links Receives Phase II Funding Grant

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly’s climate analytics spinout, risQ, received $750K from NSF in the second phase of funding.

Ganguly & Colleagues Frame the Networked Digital Earth Concept Through the First International Conference on the Topic

The first International Conference on the Networked Digital Earth (ICNDE 2018), which was jointly organized by CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly & colleagues from Northeastern University and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India, covered general principles and theory of the Networked Digital Earth concept, with a focus on network science, geospatial data sciences, machine learning and AI, while emphasizing the domains of water sustainability and climate change, urban science and engineering, public health and ecology, as well as cyber and physical security and the social media.

Interdisciplinary Engineering PhD Selected for Summer Institute

Interdisciplinary Engineering PhD student Kate Duffy was selected to participate in the National Water Center Innovators Program Summer Institute of 2018.

CEE PhD Student and Professor Publish Textbook on Critical Infrastructure Resilience

A textbook on Critical Infrastructures Resilience authored by CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly, CEE PhD student Udit Bhatia, and Political Science Professor and Director of the Global Resilience Institute Stephen E. Flynn, will be available from the publisher starting March 6, 2018.

CEE Professor offers alumni perspectives on AI in MIT News

CEE Professor Ganguly was quoted in an MIT news article entitled “Alumni call on MIT to champion artificial intelligence education“. Ganguly and his PhD students work on developing and adapting AI (especially, Machine Learning) tools for climate, sustainability, infrastructures, and security studies. A work led by Ganguly’s PhD student Thomas J. Vandal on Deep Learning […]

The hurricane season comes to an end

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly was quoted in Aljazeera’s article “The hurricane season comes to an end” about extreme weather and whether it is related to climate change.

Op-Ed on Water by CEE Professor

In an Op-Ed article published by a media house in India, CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly points out that "drought-deluge cycles and water scarcity are wake up calls for citizens and policy makers" and "transformative solutions" from diverse disciplines such as "artificial intelligence, machine learning, ninlinear physics, engineering principles, and econometrics" can be brought to bear to address […]

CEE Faculty Publish Book: Critical Infrastructures Resilience

A new book, Critical Infrastructures Resilience has been published by authors: Auroop Ratan Ganguly (CEE Professor), Stephen E. Flynn (CEE Affiliated Faculty), Udit Bhatia – 3/14/2018 Book Description: This text offers comprehensive and principled, yet practical, guidelines to critical infrastructures resilience. Extreme events and stresses, including those that may be unprecedented but are no-longer surprising, have disproportionate effects on […]

Increasing Droughts Might Threaten Power Production

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly’s research found that about 27 percent of power production in the United States will be severely impacted by warmer, scarcer water.

Interdisciplinary Team to Lead $2.5M NSF CRISP Grant

COS Professor Albert-Laszlo Barabasi (PI) and Co-PIs Kathryn Coronges, Executive Director of the Network Science Institute; Stephen Flynn, Director of the Global Resilience Institute; ECE Professor Edmund Yeh and CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly, Director of the Sustainability and Data Sciences Laboratory (SDS Lab), were awarded a $2.5M NSF CRISP grant for “Interdependent Network-based Quantification of Infrastructure Resilience (INQUIRE)”.

Is Weather Becoming More Extreme?

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly discusses the effects of climate change on the changing weather patterns and what can be done to prepare.

Confronting weather extremes

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly’s op-ed article on “Confronting weather extremes” was featured in the Millennium Post.

Urban sustainability and resilience

CEE Auroop Ganguly's op-ed article on "Urban sustainability and resilience" was featured in the Millennium Post.

PhD student & Ganguly Receive Runner-up Best Paper Awards

Interdisciplinary PhD student Thomas Vandal and CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly were awarded the Runner-up for the KDD 2017 Best Paper and KDD 2017 Best Student Paper for their paper on "DeepSD: Generating High Resolution Climate Change Projections through Single Image Super-Resolution".

Machine learning, and the way forward

CEE Auroop Ganguly's op-ed article on "Machine learning, and the way forward" was featured in the Millennium Post.

CEE PhD Student Wins 1st Place at AGU Virtual Poster Showcase

CEE PhD student Babak Jalalzadeh Fard won first place at the American Geophysical Union’s 2017 spring Virtual Poster Showcase (VPS) for his research poster titled “Effective Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Public Health Impacts of Heatwaves for Brookline, MA.”

Ganguly Receives NASA Grant for Deep Learning Related to Earth Sciences

CEE Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly secured a BAERI grant from NASA to developing machine learning approaches for the earth sciences, improving satellite and earth systems data through advances in estimation, forecasting and modeling of the earth and its climate.

FY18 TIER 1 Award Recipients

21 COE faculty and affiliates were recipients of FY18 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 12 different projects representing $600K dollars of investment in research.

The Chain of Causality in the Case of Wildfires

CEE Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly responds to questions about if climate change had any impact on the recent Tennessee wildfires.

Exploring Temperature Extremes in Brookline

CEE Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly and interdisciplinary PhD students Lizzy Warner & Babak Fard were featured in EOS's article about "AGU's Thriving Earth Exchange Links Science with Small Towns". Their TEX project on Building Community Resilience to Extreme Heat in Brookline, MA explores the effects that extreme temperatures can have on the town.

Invited Talks on Climate Change

CEE associate professor Auroop Ganguly and PhD student Udit Bhatia gave invited seminars on climate change this summer at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay; the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur; the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee; and the National Institute of Technology in Hamirpur.

Climate Ready Boston Report

The report from the Boston Research Advisory Group on Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Projections for Boston was recently released where CEE Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly lead the Extreme Temperatures team, which included Professor Matthias Ruth and alumni Evan Kodra (E'14, CEO of Northeastern spinout risQ).

Studying Climate Change in India

CEE Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly led a group of students in Summer 1 as part of a Dialogue of Civilizations to study Climate Change Science and Policy in India.

2016 Udall Scholarship Recipient

Tyler Hall COE’17 has been named a recipient of the 2016 Udall Scholarship, making him the first Northeastern student to receive the honor.

Ganguly Featured in ERL Highlights of 2015

CEE Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly's article on Changes in observed climate extremes in global urban areas was selected by Environmental Research Letters(ERL) as a feature in their Highlights of 2015 collection.

SDS Lab Forms risQ Spinout Company

The Sustainability and Data Sciences (SDS) Lab led by CEE Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly has created risQ as a start-up company.

FY17 TIER 1 Award Recipients

23 COE faculty and affiliates were recipients of FY17 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 12 different projects representing over $600K dollars of investment in research.

Ganguly Selected as Co-Chair of SDWG

CEE Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly has been selected as a co-chair of the Societal Dimensions Working Group for the NCAR Community Earth System Model (CESM).

Interdisciplinary Approach to Recover from Disasters

CEE Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly & his interdisciplinary PhD students Udit Bhatia, Devashish Kumar, and Evan Kodra (E'14) have created a tool using network theory to ascertain the resilience of infrastructure systems affected by disasters.

2015 COE Faculty Fellows

Congratulations to this year’s class of COE Faculty Fellows: Yunsi Fei, Auroop Ganguly, Mark Niedre, and Ashkan Vaziri.

Inves­ti­gating Logan’s Infra­struc­ture Resilience

A group of graduate students presented to Massport their assessment of whether or not Logan International Airport is prepared to handle a major natural disaster.

Climate Effect on Coast

CIV Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly & Tarik Gouhier’s article in Nature shows that climate change will result in major changes in coastal marine ecosystems.

Global Coverage of Climate Change

CIV Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly’s recent article in ERL about “Changes in Observed Climate Extremes in Global Urban Areas” has been featured on news sites worldwide

Real-Time Urban Flood Forecasting

The Ministry of Earth Sciences of the Government of India has funded a project entitled "Near-real-time flood forecasting system" which will develop new physically-based and data-driven models for coastal and urban flood forecasting and early warning, with a primary case study in the city of Mumbai, India. 

Hot & Cold Climate Extremes

CIV Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly used Big Data tools to determine that global warming will result in both hot and cold extreme temperature fluctuation.

Interdisciplinary NSF Grant

Electrical & Computer Engineering Associate Professor Jennifer Dy, Civil & Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly & Affiliated Assistant Professor Tarik Gouhier were awarded an $1.2M NSF Cyber SEES grant to study changes in marine organisms based on ocean temperature. The Cyber-Innovation for Sustainability Science and Engineering (CyberSEES) program aims to advance interdisciplinary research in […]

A sustainable breeding ground for collaboration

A com­plex struc­ture the size of a shoebox perched on a table’s edge in Curry Stu­dent Center Ball­room on Monday evening. The 3-​​D printed con­struc­tion resem­bled a series of tiny, haunt­ingly bare trees with inim­ical spikes for branches. Archi­tec­ture pro­fessor Jane Amidon explained that stu­dents in the Design for Sus­tain­able Urban Envi­ron­ments pro­gram cre­ated the model and others […]

The Future of Climate Changes: The current state of climate change science

Ear­lier this week, the public learned the details of the upcoming fifth assess­ment report (or, “AR5”) of the United Nations’ Inter­gov­ern­mental Panel on Cli­mate Change, an inter­na­tional body whose man­date is not to do new sci­ence, but to assess the state of the existing sci­ence. IPCC assess­ments cover a lot of ground, from the basics […]

Auroop Ganguly pursues extreme weather trends

Auroop Ganguly, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering In the past, engineers were able to design electrical and water systems to handle weather extremes—heat waves, cold snaps, storms, and drought—simply by understanding and accounting for normal climate fluctuations. But climate change has made extreme events far less predictable in severity and frequency, making it […]

FY14 TIER 1 Award Recipients

22 COE faculty and affiliates were recipients of FY14 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 14 different research projects.

Auroop Ganguly Highlights Key Issues from Hurricane Sandy

CEE Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly recently discussed implications of human-induced climate change and its possible relationship with weather extremes like Hurricane Sandy.

NSF Highlights Ganguly's Work

Civil Engineering Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly’s is featured in the October edition of NSF’s Current newsletter for his work in showing how climate change will effect the world’s water supply.

Professor Ganguly Discusses Droughts

Inspired by the current drought, which has left countless counties across the U.S. to be considered "natural disaster areas" by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly sheds light on drought conditions, the difficulties involved in predicting droughts, and precautionary measures to limit their potential damage.

Professor Ganguly Discusses Heat Waves and Global Warming

Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly discussed methods used to define heat waves, and explained the connection between heat waves and global warming by clarifying the difference between weather phenomena and climate phenomena.

Precipitation modeling for critical infrastructures risks

Prof. Auroop Ganguly has been awarded a $55,000 grant from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for probabilistic modeling of precipitation for risk assessments of critical nuclear infrastructure.

FY13 TIER 1 Award Recipients

27 COE faculty and affiliates were recipients of FY13 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 21 different research projects.

Prof. Ganguly Discusses Global Weirding

Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly explained "global weirding" and its distinction from global warming, along with its effects on climate extremes and resulting impact on water sustainability, critical infrastructure, and human health.

Population Growth Would Fuel Global Water Shortage

CIV Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly’s computational model of the world’s future water supply shows that population growth has a greater impact than climate change.

Paper in Nature Climate Change Highlighted by NSF

CIV Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly’s paper about rainfall extremes over India will be published in the February 2012 issue of the Nature Climate Change journal and is highlighted on the NSF website.

Prof. Ganguly and his students receive best paper award

Professor Auroop Ganguly's paper which used data-intensive methods to discover new climate insights was selected for the best student paper award at the 2011 NASA Conference on Intelligent Data Understanding (CIDU) this month.

New Faculty Spotlight: Auroop R. Ganguly

Auroop R. Ganguly joined the Department as an Associate Professor after seven years at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, most recently as a Senior R&D Staff in their Computational Sciences and Engineering division, as well as a joint faculty in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He was previously employed […]